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Your deep winter style guide

Your deep winter style guide

We have officially reached the cold stretch – that time of year when "brrr" becomes an unconscious sound you blurt out every hour or so. But the good news is you don’t need to hide under piles of mismatched layers, there are some certain pieces out there that really come in strong during the chilliest months while still making you look ultra stylish. From a pair of winter boots and an insulated jacket to all the layers that will keep you cosy, count this as your deep winter style guide. 

Use a jacket as a mid-layer

Though light jacket season is officially over, don’t shove them to the back of your wardrobe just yet. Instead, use them as a mid-layer under your bigger coats and jackets to get plenty of wear from them all year round. The trick is just making sure you pay attention to the weight of your coats and jacket – the mid-layer jacket shouldn’t be any bulkier than the top layer and should also be streamlined enough to sit under your winter coat nicely and comfortably. It’s also a good idea to choose a collared option or something a little bright to really show off those layers and add some interest to an otherwise dreary outerwear look. 


Once you discover GORE-TEX, winter dressing for you will truly never be the same. It’s the ultimate cold weather fabric, in other words it’s waterproof, windproof, and breathable, so it sorts you out for pretty much any unfortunate weather situation. “So when Clarks released their classic wallabee in a GORE-TEX fabrication, I was instantly sold,” says stylist Millie Rich. Don’t worry, you still get that beloved suede look and texture, only it’s waterproof. In Millie’s words, “mind blown.” 

Don’t shy from wide-leg

Now, it might not be the first trouser silhouette you think of when it comes to the colder weather – as they’re known to be pretty breezy – but the benefit of a wide-leg is soon shown when you remember you can wear leggings or thermals underneath without a trace. 

Choose a rollneck 

A rollneck is the ultimate winter essential in our eyes – they’re perfect for both smart and casual occasions, eliminate the need for a scarf, and are super ideal for layering. Especially when you’re wrapped up in bundles of jumpers, coats, and jackets, you can’t really see any of the items you’re wearing underneath. But the beauty of the rollneck lies in that it should just peep out over the top to add a slight bit of elevation to your look. Don’t be afraid to play with some colour here, or if that’s not really your thing, opt for a winter white to reflect the light off your face. 

Throw on a textured coat

Which Millie describes as “literally like getting hugged by a coat.” Some brighter colours are a really fun option to go for here but of course, neutrals work just as effectively if that’s more your style. The added texture will work really hard in your autumn winter rotation, plus an oversized style instantly makes this outerwear piece feel like more of a statement. 

Slip on a chunky-sole boot

This is pretty much the only footwear option you actually need during the colder months. The two key styles Millie recommends looking out for are the chunky Chelsea boot and a lace-up iteration. For the former, the chunky element you’re looking for is all in the sole – it prevents you from slipping and keeps you high and dry. 

Millie loves styling hers with a dress to add a more contemporary feel to a dressier look. And for the lace-up version, essentially what you’re looking at is a trendier hiking boot. Try and find a gum or commando sole because although they look incredibly heavy, both soles are considerably lightweight so easy to walk around in and easy to pack for any winter weekend away.

Top it off with a beanie

Wool or mohair beanies are your best bet when it comes to a true winter warmer, but like with any winter accessory, this is your chance to add some character or go tonal with your look. The added bonus is that a beanie won’t fly away like a cap or bucket hat will in the wind, which is always nice. As a rule of thumb, try and go for colours that you know work for your hair and skin colour as this piece is going to sit super close to your face. 

Wrap up in a blanket scarf 

There’s not much better than a larger than life scarf on super chilly days, so leave your small scarves behind and jump right on the blanket trend. Not only will you feel like you’re still in bed, but it’s the ultimate way to keep ultra warm and look super chic too.

Words: Yasmine Kennedy
Photography: Jack Batchelor
Styling: Millie Rich