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What to wear this festive period

What to wear this festive period

We don’t need to tell you just how frantic this time of year can be. And however you spend this time of year, with all the inevitable feasting and unwrapping, it’s easy to de-prioritise your style. That’s okay, that’s where we can help.

Usually most festive times of year are spent entertaining, venturing outside, and plenty of lounging at home – with that in mind, we spoke to womenswear stylist Millie Rich and she’s put together three different looks to inspire you for any kind of celebration. Happy holidays! 

For lounging at home

During this festive time, while of course you’ll be spending lots of time getting up to all sorts outside, it’s likely you’ll probably be spending most of it at home. Whether that’s getting into a tense game of Scrabble with your family you haven’t seen in ages or simply just taking the time to sit on the sofa and do nothing (we highly recommend this). But, more often than not you’ll probably have a lot of people show up at the door dropping off presents, popping in for a mulled wine, or just wanting to say hello, so while you’ll want to feel cosy, you’ll always want to feel elevated enough to open the door.

A trackpant and knit combination is the perfect happy medium of being ultra cosy but also acceptable to wear with a pair of trainers to run to the shop. A wide-leg or cashmere iteration is just the ticket, feeling extra chic when paired with some simple jewellery. 

For winter walks

Of course, being wrapped up and very, very warm is top of the priority list when it comes to winter walking attire but it’s alway nice to look well, nice, right? You’ll probably bump into some relatives or friends on your travels, so making sure the knit you choose does a lot of talking is always a good idea.

Photographed: Marni Stripe Mohair Knit ($569)

And festive knits don’t always need to mean novelty either – by choosing a pattern that incorporates some festive colours, you’ll still nod to the season without going full on dancing, singing snowman. Complete with a staple puffer, chunky soled boot, and all the cold-weather accessories and you’re good to go. 

For entertaining

Entertaining around this time can often mean we automatically reach for the sequins – which isn’t a bad thing, of course. But if you’re looking for something that can work way beyond this period, instead opt for something neutral and long-sleeve. You don’t really want to be layered up indoors, so a midi dress or a jumpsuit is pretty failsafe.

Then, when it comes to shoes, heels can feel a little much if you’re just entertaining at home. That’s why a heeled boot is that perfect in between – you still get that comfort but that little bit of elevation works hard to make you feel a little more special. Just make sure you have some slippers on standby.

Words: Yasmine Kennedy
Photography: Jack Batchelor
Styling: Millie Rich