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The most versatile trends for winter

The most versatile trends for winter

We’re pretty fussy about the trends we buy into here at Thread. After all, we’re all for a long-lasting wardrobe filled with  versatile pieces you’ll be reaching for for years to come. However, there is the odd trend out there that our expert stylists know has some real longevity to it; those are the ones we like to share with you.

And now that it seems temperatures have plunged for the long haul, these versatile trends couldn’t be more welcome. We asked stylist Millie Rich for a round up of the ones topping her list this season. From printed faux fur to how to make preppy work for the everyday, these are the styles to incorporate into your wardrobe again and again for an ultra-stylish, extra cosy season. 

Faux fur

Worried about ruining your outfit by bundling up in a coat? Cue faux fur. It’s a more fun outerwear option that quickly dresses up t-shirts and jeans with little to no effort. If you go for bolder colours or printed iterations, even your most casual of looks will benefit from that little something something. 

Millie recommends opting for a shorter length faux-fur coat (at least one that doesn’t pass mid thigh), otherwise you quickly start to come off a bit more teddy bear than trendy. Instead, by choosing something that hits right at the hip, you get a look that infinitely feels more chic with an inherent ‘60s feel. Plus, since there’s less of the jacket, it feels less intense – especially if you’ve gone for something bold. 

High-low dressing

Come winter, it’s natural to shy away from the skirts and dresses you wore all summer. But, it turns out, you don’t need to make your bottom-half a trousers exclusive all cold-weather season. Instead, just heed a few simple styling tips from Millie to take your flowier pieces into the winter with ease. 

The main benefit of this is that even when you’re wearing your chunkiest of knits, by wearing the skirt underneath, you still hold on to a more feminine element that ensures you always feel that little more dressed up in comparison to if you were in a masculine trouser. And if you do choose to go oversized everything, introduce some additional feminine details like a shoulder bag and a beret over a beanie to keep things feeling polished. 


When people say preppy, you may instantly think of a classic Henley, polo-playing aesthetic. But, the modern approach is plenty more relaxed complete with wider silhouettes and a casual spin which means you can wear this trend pretty much anywhere. For styling, the trick is not to go for all preppy, all at once. Instead, you can keep with your usual day-to-day style and just introduce hero items – think a logo embroidered cap, a sweater vest, or even just tying a jumper as a shawl over your shoulders. 

Words: Yasmine Kennedy
Photography: Jack Batchelor
Styling: Millie Rich