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How to wear your activewear outside of the gym

How to wear your activewear outside of the gym

January’s arrived, and we suspect – given that you’ve clicked on this article – that you may or may not have just purchased a whole host of new activewear. New year, new you. Right? But thanks to that thing we call the pandemic, it turns out you can wear your yoga pants all day long, no questions asked (even if you haven’t stepped foot into a gym).

And as we ease ourselves back into normal dressing after the holidays, we say any outfit that exudes comfort and ease is a good one. Of course, there is a slight ‘code’, shall we say, that ensures you still manage to look elevated and not like you’ve mistaken a coffee date for a pilates one. Let’s get into it. 

Throw on a blazer

Arguably the quickest way to szush up your activewear, is just by throwing a blazer over the top. The trick is to opt for a relaxed fit iteration so your look still feels relaxed and doesn’t come off as just a random choice of outerwear. Then, if you’re really into the whole Princess Diana activewear era, you can throw a jumper over your shoulders for an effortlessly chic feel. And just to note, there’s nothing wrong with wearing a jumper underneath your blazer too, doubling up just means extra warmth in our eyes. 

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Mismatch the dresscodes

Tracksuits are pretty much our day-to-day uniform at this point. But to make them feel a little less sofa and a little more street style, you’re going to want to mix up the dress code for an elevated twist. Something like a white button-down shirt looks great with some track pants, especially when paired with some smarter shoes on the bottom to tie it all together – think a loafer. Or if you’re going to go for a trainer, just make sure it’s a crisp one. Then, if you add an ankle grazing overcoat, you’ll quickly tap into the Olsen-twin aesthetic and look ultra cool while doing it. 

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Words: Yasmine Kennedy
Photography: Jack Batchelor
Styling: Millie Rich