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T-shirts and polos

How to: Wear a graphic t-shirt (the right way)

How to: Wear a graphic t-shirt (the right way)

Thread's stylists, on the whole, prefer plain t-shirts to graphic styles. And yet some guys just love a statement-making tee, and we can't fault them for wanting to mix things up (although we'd argue there are other ways to do so).

"A graphic t-shirt can make you look younger and more contemporary," says Thread senior stylist Alice Watt. "Because the t-shirt itself is a familiar item, this is an easy option when you're bored of wearing the same things." Here, she shares the inside scoop on why this graphic-tee-centric outfit works. 

1. The print is actually graphic. "If it's not a comic, it's not a figurative illustration, and it doesn't have any words on it, chances are it'll work well."
2. The t-shirt's white (and you can actually see it). "A white t-shirt is more classic than any other colour, so it follows that a white graphic tee is easiest to wear well. Plus the print doesn't overtake the entire thing; it's contained and there's nothing on the back."
3. He's wearing trainers and jeans. "Graphic tees are more casual than plain white ones, so they should always be worn with trainers and jeans—anything smarter's too much of a contrast."