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Style SOS: What’s autumn’s best coat?

Style SOS: What’s autumn’s best coat?

It’s too hot for a coat but too cold without one. What should I wear? - John, via Instagram

At this time of year, it’s normal to experience what seems like multiple seasons in a single day. You leave your house, it’s chilly. You reach your desk, you’re sweating. You head home, you get soaked. This makes getting dressed tricky. You need weather defence, but you’ll melt in anything too heavy.

The answer is to keep the waterproofing but strip away any insulation. Lightweight jackets, from Harringtons and bombers to leather or denim, are easy to wear and equally easy to stick in a bag if things get unseasonably balmy. If you make sure there’s enough room to layer up underneath then you’ll be able to wear them into winter, too. Just add a cosy knit and you’re good.

If you want something that will take you from now all the way to spring, then you need a trench coat. They’re heavy enough to keep you warm, but lightweight enough that you won’t overheat. They’re waterproof, too, so have your back when you inevitably get caught in a downpour. This is autumn after all, and nothing’s certain – except the dependability of a trench.

Words: Allison Pavlick
Illustration: Ryan Gillett