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Style SOS

Style SOS: hot weddings, gay weddings and cheap weddings

Style SOS: hot weddings, gay weddings and cheap weddings

“I have a summer wedding in Italy. What should I wear?” – Michael, via email

Overseas weddings solve the biggest problem with getting married in the UK – unpredictable weather. But guaranteed sunshine poses its own problems. If you wear a suit designed for British conditions, you’ll have sweated through it before they’ve finished the vows.

Thread stylist Toby Standing says to make like the locals. The Italians gut their tailoring, ripping out the padding and lining to create a suit that’s lighter and more breathable. The less-is-more approach of these unstructured suits means you lose the stiffness, too, which relaxes things. You’re still dressed up, but in a looser, more Mediterranean way. They’re the kind of suits that take a siesta rather than working through lunch. “There’s normally more room for manoeuvre, so you can probably lose the tie,” he says.

If the idea of going open-necked to a wedding feels horrifying, a grandad-collar shirt negates the need for a tie. If you absolutely must wear one, then make sure your shirt’s made from something breathable, like a linen blend (the fabric also soaks sweat without showing, which is handy) and try something lighter, like a knitted tie.


“I’m going to a wedding in March, and I want to get a suit. I’m gay and it’s a gay wedding, so I want to look stylish and a bit fabulous. Any ideas would be very much appreciated.” – Dave, via email

Weddings are fabulous, which is why it’s always such a shame when guys don’t embrace the exuberance. After all, what’s more fabulous than celebrating love? So good for you. One note of caution, though, from Thread stylist Alexander McCalla. “Just remember that it’s not about you. The key thing is adhering to what the couple wants.” You don’t want to be so fabulously dressed that everyone’s looking at you, not them.

As far as suits go, think outside the ordinary. That doesn’t have to mean floral embroidery, though. Since most guys stick to navy or grey, something as simple as a Prince of Wales check, or a double-breasted jacket, can make a big impact. “Or explore different colour tones,” says Alexander. “Maybe a burgundy suit, or green. It stands out, but it’s not novelty.”

I’ve got a bunch of weddings coming up, which are going to drain my bank account enough without buying a new suit. What’s the cheapest way to make a work suit feel more weddingy, and can I wear the same one to multiple weddings?” – Oli, via Instagram

You can indeed. If your suit’s the sober grey or navy number that most men have in their wardrobe, then no one’s going to notice it, even after multiple airings. Which is its own problem, because you’ll blend into the background. But it can also be a blank canvas for decoration. “Dress it in a way that doesn’t feel like I’ve come from work,” says Alexander. “Try a dressier pair of shoes, try a pocket square.” Anything silk, or in a spring-like, celebratory colour like yellow or red, will wedding-ify even the most basic tailoring. Then just try not to repeat the combo at the next one.

Words: Tom Banham
Illustration: Ryan Gillett