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Style SOS: The best colours to wear in autumn

Style SOS: The best colours to wear in autumn

"How can I wear colour in autumn without looking like I don’t know summer’s over?” - Brad, via email 


When daylight recedes, clothes tend to get darker. But for those who love colour (and you can number our expert stylist Freddie Kemp among them) this shift to navy, grey, and black is a bit, well, boring. Especially since you can – nay, should – embrace colour on a dreary October afternoon, just as you would on a sunny July morning.

“The key is dipping into colours that feel autumnal in spirit,” says Freddie. “A great place to start is with shades inspired by the changing leaves, like a burnt orange shirt jacket, oxblood knitwear and a marigold beanie.” These colours mingle well together and with your favourite neutrals, so you can use them to jazz up colour-deprived looks without looking like a traffic light.

If it’s richness you’re after, think jewellery. Not adding bling (although an emerald necklace will certainly add a certain something) but rather jewel-toned clothes. One statement piece –  think an emerald Harrington jacket, sapphire sweatshirt, or even ruby socks – can make simple looks feel a million dollars.

If it’s just that you’re sad about putting your favourite summer brights in storage, then don’t. “All you need to do is ditch the lightweight linens and cottons and switch to cold-weather fabrics, such as corduroy, wool, or flannel that will help you brace the frigid air in style,” Freddie says. You might miss summer’s skies, but a sky-blue jumper can make you feel just as cheery.

Words: Allison Pavlick
Illustration: Ryan Gillett