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Your work-from-home capsule wardrobe

Your work-from-home capsule wardrobe

This year’s work-from-home wardrobes have taken many different turns. There’s the five-day-a-week sweatpants wearers, the group that wears comfy t-shirts and shorts (whatever the weather), and those who have stuck to smart casual office style – even from the comfort of their sofa. But whatever your preference, it’s fair to say you’ve probably spent more time in your at-home favourites than ever this year – and we’re kinda here for it. 

In fact, the rise in comfy clothing has seen more and more of us donning our sweat suits out of the house. That’s why our stylists have compiled the perfect work-from-home capsule wardrobe, to help you make the most out of your favourite WFH pieces post-lockdown too.


Think about the combinations

Don’t let the word ‘capsule’ mislead you. We’re not saying you should drop your old everyday favourites and only wear hoodies from now on. Rather, when stocking up on cosy loungewear, think about how it can work with the rest of your wardrobe – even the smarter pieces.

For example, a pair of fresh sweatpants and trainers could be paired with a refined knit and patterned overshirt for a contemporary take on casual dressing. Or for a smarter look, try layering your hoodie under a wool overcoat and formal trousers when you need to make more of an effort. 


Add some colour

It goes without saying that the focus of a work-from-home wardrobe will be on comfort, but that doesn’t mean it has to look dull. Developing a cohesive capsule wardrobe of comfy and colourful pieces is the perfect way to make even the most laid-back looks work for everyday occasions. This could mean adding something a little brighter to your at-home look, like a wool polo shirt in a rich, wintery tone that would also be perfect for wearing back at the office or on evenings out.

Another easy way to introduce colour to your outfit is with outerwear – after all, you’ve got to brave the winter elements sometimes. A colourful coat can be thrown on over almost any casual outfit, bringing a point of interest whilst keeping your cosiness levels high.


Ace the athleisure look

Luckily for us, the rise of athleisure, which was well underway before lockdowns and quarantines, has made the hoodie an acceptable – nay, celebrated – piece that can go with just about anything. Pick one in a versatile colour, and you can pair it with your sweatpants, gym shorts, jeans, and work trousers with relative ease. 


Photographed: Birkenstock Boston ($111), Vans UA ComfyCush Slip On ($46)

Keep it comfy

The bottom half of your work-from-home outfit is where the real challenge of keeping comfortable comes into play. Where we’d grown used to wearing restrictive waistbands and presentable shoes to work, these two qualities are immediately irrelevant in the comfort of our own homes. 

Even if you’re someone who likes to make an effort with their wardrobe to help get stuck into WFH mode, there are options out there beyond your sweatpants and pyjama bottoms. Get ready for relaxed trousers or chinos with a drawstring waistband to become your new best friends. They have the appearance of your usual day-to-day trousers, but the stretchy comfort of your favourite loungewear. 

If you want something more substantial than socks or your old slippers on your feet, the Birkenstock Boston or a pair of  slip-on sneakers are the perfect outdoor shoes to adapt for your indoor wardrobe.

Words: Ella White
Styling: Toby Standing