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Why you should wear mustard yellow this season

Why you should wear mustard yellow this season

Here we are in the throes of another bleak and seemingly endless winter. Yes, these are the days when the urge to clad yourself in layers of blacks, greys, and navys is at an all time high (we feel it too). But resist, if you can. And resist feeling too bad for yourself while you’re at it. At times like these, it’s important to make some of your own sartorial sunshine. That’s where mustard yellow comes in. 

What’s great about this particular shade of yellow is it’s not blindly optimistic, like daffodil, or jarring, like chartreuse. Essentially, it brightens a look without overwhelming it, serving as a welcome dose of vitamin D for your wardrobe. And that’s why the stylists here at Thread are anointing it one of the colours of the season. Read on as they share three of their top pointers for pulling it off. 

Offset it with neutrals 

If shades of yellow aren’t in your normal style rotation, don’t be deterred. The idea isn’t to take style cues from the candlestick-wielding Colonel Mustard of your board games days. The mood-lifting shade looks best when incorporated alongside all the neutrals in your wardrobe: navys, olives, greys, etc. We’re big fans of a mustard knit under khaki shirt jacket, for instance. A pair of mustard chinos and a navy crewneck? We support that too.

Weave it in through accessories 

If you’re perpetually colour shy, an easy access point to mustard yellow is through footwear and accessories. A pair of mustard trainers will punctuate your look with the right flash of sunny colour. A mustard-coloured beanie or scarf will have a similar effect – it’s up to you how you decide to incorporate it. Just make sure to stick to one mustard accessory per look, and when you do, heed our earlier advice and keep everything else neutral. 

Find new ways to wear it 

Another perk about mustard is that it works well now, but it keeps on shining in spring and summer too, so you’d be wise to invest in it early. Look for mustard items with multi-seasonal appeal, like trainers or jumpers, and then update the pieces you pair them with based on the time of year. The same mustard knit you styled with wool trousers in mid-winter will also complement a pair of white linen trousers come summer. Same goes for a mustard-coloured button down or tee. Consider these stylish ways to stay on the bright side. 

Words: Allison Pavlick
Photography: Andras Hari
Styling: Freddie Kemp