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Why you need a massive coat

Why you need a massive coat

If there’s one style your should be making extra (and we really mean extra) room for in your wardrobe this season, it’s a voluminous coat. The shift towards bigger, more-to-love styles has reached the outermost layer of your outfit, and we can feel your hesitation from here. Slimmer cuts have reigned on the high street since the mid-2000s, and we get that you're not trying to look like you picked any old size from the rack. But we’re here to tell you an oversized coat can look thoughtful with the right considerations. And on top of that, it can be flattering, versatile, and incredibly warm. Essentially, it’s your cue to let go of the skinny-fit trend and supersize your outerwear. Read on for why we’re backing this trend.

It’s a return to classic outerwear

“Wearing a large coat doesn’t have to mean going ‘oversized’ in the ways you might think. Instead of baggy or slouchy, think of classic menswear from the 1970s and 80s, when pieces were fully cut rather than overly loose- or tight-fitting,” says stylist Luke McDonald.

Big coats are a stylish alternative to the slim-cut styles that have been doing the rounds for the past decade or so, but this alternative look isn’t about wearing something that’s too big. Your coat should fit in the right places and should always be bought in your true size. A long peacoat, also known as a bridge coat, is a style historically worn by Navy officers against the freezing conditions at sea and is a perfect example of how well-loved styles can be worn in a larger style without becoming cartoonish.

“Menswear has been slim-cut for the past 15 years, but in terms of fashion trends that’s a real anomaly, and this larger, looser style is a return to form, not something crazy or daunting,” Luke says. 

It’s probably more flattering for your shape

“There’s a misconception that if you’re in good shape, slim fits are a good way to show that off. In reality, smaller coats can pull across your chest leaving your coat looking like it’s shrunk in the wash rather than stretching hulk-style over your muscles,” Luke says.

If you’re of a narrow build, slimmer coats will suit your frame, but looser fits are more flattering for the majority of body shapes, making them the obvious choice for winter layering, whether you’re wearing light layers, a formal suit, or a chunky knit. If you’re wanting something that’s still a bit more fitted, go big in length and choose an overcoat that falls closer to the knee. If you’re on the shorter side and long coats aren’t for you, a loose-fitting work jacket can give the feel of larger outerwear when layered over cosy sweaters.

It’s easy to style with your winter wardrobe

A big coat makes an impact, but can still be smart. Stick to neutral colours like camel, navy, and grey, and look for styles with minimal detailing. The oversized-style suits winter dressing as it allows for layering without feeling tight and restricting your movement. More coverage means fewer ways for the wind and rain to get in, resulting in you feeling much warmer and looking much cooler.

Balance is important when wearing larger outerwear, so keep the rest of your outfit slim, but not so skinny that it falls out of proportion.

There are plenty to choose from

Whatever your personal style may be, there’s an oversized coat for you. Wool overcoats naturally lend themselves to the look with a more flowing silhouette, whilst army-style great coats and bridge coats are great for layering over due to their larger cut.

For a more modern take, parkas and technical jackets blend the outdoors and oversized trends seamlessly for a look that can be layered over fleeces for facing the elements, or your favourite shirt for a trip to the pub – Liam Gallagher mod cut optional.

Words: Ella White
Photography: Lola & Pani
Styling: Luke McDonald