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For most, the weekend offers the rare opportunity to wear whatever you want. No suits, no stuffy collared shirts, and no hard-soled shoes. But just because you’re off duty, doesn’t mean you should default to jeans and a tee on repeat (as tempting as it may be). This is your chance to rock the boat a little, while still feeling comfortable and looking considered. Sound like an impossible balance to strike? Not with these easy tips. 

Invest in quality basics

Comfy basics, such as t-shirts, jeans, shirts, and chinos, feel great to wear when you’re dressing casually and can last a long time – if you invest in the right kind. “To avoid collecting endless piles of these pieces in your wardrobe, make sure you’re investing in quality,” says Thread stylist Artemis Crowley. “As much as this means paying attention to the quality of the fabric, it also means getting the fit down to a tee.” Because the better your clothes fit, the more you’ll enjoy wearing them. 

Don’t forget to apply these rules to your most relaxed items too, like sweatpants. As much we love the free ones you get on long-haul flights, investing in a nice pair of sleek sweatpants in a high-quality fabric will serve you better in the long run. 

Add some colour

While it may be easy to lean on more versatile colours, especially during colder months, we’d urge you to experiment with different shades. After all, weekends are joyous occasions, and your outfit should reflect that. “A bright accessory or a bright coloured element of an outfit will elevate it instantly,” Artemis says. “To ease you in, try going small with bold socks or a scarf. Then, once you’re feeling more confident wearing colours, take it further with a bright sweatshirt or rain jacket.”

While you’re at it, play with patterns and prints too. If you’re experimenting with more statement clothes for the first time, just choose a patterned item, like a statement shirt, and offset it with solid, neutral pieces. 

Incorporate elevated pieces

If you’re married to your sweats and tees over the weekend, we totally get it. But you can still balance out the casual feel with something a little nicer. A small tweak here and there, like wearing a nice knit instead of a tee with your sweats, can make all the difference, especially if you’re heading out to dinner with friends or grabbing drinks at your local pub.

“It’s all about balancing your casual garments with more elevated pieces,” Artemis says. “If you only wear trainers at the weekend, go ahead, but balance them out with a smarter trouser. Similarly, if you’re wearing a plain tee, lift the outfit by throwing on a patterned overshirt or a utility jacket on top for added interest. It’ll make all the difference.”

Words: Ashiana Pradhan
Photography: Andras Hari
Styling: Millie Rich
Styling assistant: Alexander McCalla