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Three ways to balance comfort and style right now

Three ways to balance comfort and style right now

Embracing comfortable outfits right now is easy, but sometimes it can lead you to neglect style elements that you usually take pride in. We get it – while you’re stuck indoors, dressing your best probably isn’t the highest on your to-do list, but that doesn’t mean you have to abandon your personal style.

Striking the balance between your pre-pandemic style and the more comfortable current version of it is possible with the right considerations. So consider this your handy guide to getting that balance just right. And as a bonus, you can incorporate many of these tips into your post-lockdown life too – because we have a feeling the desire to dress comfortably isn’t going anywhere.

1. Invest in the right kind of comfortable pieces

Grey on grey can get a bad rep, but this look by Club Monaco shows that loungewear doesn’t have to be slobby. There has been good reason to invest in comfier pieces this year, but finding more elevated styles of loungewear will make it easier to transfer the look into your everyday wardrobe as things go back to normal. 

Look to fitted shapes that appear more presentable than slouchy hoodies and track pants. Quality materials that are made to last will make your casual outfit look more luxurious. So although comfort might be the key to casualwear at the moment, choosing styles that fit in with the way you like to dress will have more longevity – especially if dressing down to work from home is a whole new concept for you.

2. Don't overlook footwear & accessories

It’s probably been a while since you’ve worn footwear other than running trainers, and we feel you – uncomfortable shoes are something we’re ready to leave in the past. For your post-lockdown look, find shoes that combine comfort with style. It’s not hard to seek out a pair that will fit easily into your everyday look.

Slip on Vans, Stepney Workers Club lace-ups, and rubber-toed Novestas are all versatile, easy to pair with your casual wardrobe, and suit most styles. In the meantime, you could even try livening up your look with a pair of bright patterned socks. You might be the only one who can see them on your Zoom calls, they'll still put a skip in your step.

3. Maintain your personal style

When you're wearing something that reflects your personal style, you naturally feel more comfortable and confident. So find ways to weave your style into your at-home look and who knows, you might even end up wearing it outside when the time comes.

If you’re naturally an athleisure-inspired dresser, then the past few months have been your time to embrace, and maybe even perfect, your style. But for those who tend to dress smarter, loungewear can be a harder look to navigate. Go for more refined loungewear pieces like a half-zip sweater and tapered sweatpants, which will feel relaxed and comfortable, but still maintain the smarter elements of your style.

Words: Ella White
Photography: Angus Williams
Styling: Freddie Kemp