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Three trends you can wear anywhere this season

Three trends you can wear anywhere this season

What do trends mean in a pandemic? This is a question we’ve pondered over a lot these past 12 months – a period where “anything goes, as long as it’s comfortable” has been the prevailing M.O. And to be honest, we’ve wrestled with the weight of trends for a lot longer than this past year. Fast fashion – the ultimate catalyst of trends – has become, well, out of fashion in many ways. And as a result, we’re seeing a lot more versatile trends with a longer shelflife. And amen to that. 

So as we stand at the turning point in one underwhelming year for style – a time when restrictions are easing in many places – you can bet we’re embracing those spring trends that we’ll get the most wear out of this year, even if it’s just to a low-key picnic. One thing’s for sure: they’re not fleeting or frivolous, and frankly, that’s why we’re so stoked about them.  

‘70s style

‘70s-inspired dressing isn’t anything new – even in the world of contemporary style. But it is one of the few looks that have persevered despite the pandemic turning our focus to loungewear for 12 months. So if you prefer to wait until a trend is firmly established before investing in it, ‘70s style is one we think you can count on. Though the decade is renowned for thicker fabrics like leather, suede, and cord, it also saw the inception of casual dressing over the more structured, suited styles of the ‘40s and ‘50s. So as we move into the warmer months, look to laid-back influences and lighter materials like denim, canvas, and jersey.

How to wear it

So many of the styles that are popular right now originated in the ‘70s. So a t-shirt with a contrast collar and hems, straight-leg light-wash jeans, and canvas shoes like Converse or Novestas, are perfectly within the realm of modern dressing despite their roots in vintage style. Worn together, and you’ll create a look that nods to laid-back California vibes, as it’s colourful and slightly playful, but still relaxed and easy to wear – which is pretty much a prerequisite to 2021 style.

At-home comfort

Here’s the good news you’ve been waiting for: coming out of lockdown doesn’t mean leaving your comfy clothes at home. Though some guys will be impatiently reaching for their favourite pre-pandemic styles, many of us have grown accustomed to the level of comfort afforded by working from home. So to reflect your indoor style when you head back outside, take cues from the pieces you’ve favoured during the past year at home, and consider how they can be adapted into your day-to-day wardrobe.

How to wear it

Cardigans and loose, easy-to-wear shirts can be paired with jeans or relaxed trousers that make them feel instantly elevated and outdoors-appropriate. Similarly, if you can’t bear to ditch the sweatpants (understandable), then picking more considered pieces on top – even if that’s a simple fresh white tee and your favourite overshirt – will help them feel more wearable outside the house. Just make sure they’re clean (we’ve all become more lax about stains this past year) and fit you well to avoid looking too scruffy. And if you’re really not ready to let go of all-encompassing comfort, you can even keep up the cosy slipper feel on your feet with a pair of Birkenstock Bostons – dress-code permitting, of course.

Relaxed silhouettes

If your taste falls somewhere between the trend-led looks of ‘70s dressing and the slouchy statement of at-home style, you’ll probably appreciate a relaxed silhouette. It’s a look that was burgeoning pre-pandemic, and has since fallen even further into favour as we collectively turned to looser-fitting pieces while staying home. 

Now, as we start to reconsider our outdoor wardrobes, relaxed-fitting pieces are one of the easiest ways to maintain the comfort you’re used to as you lean into more considered everyday outfits. And since few of us are itching to squeeze straight back into tighter-fitting styles, there’s no better time to start experimenting with a comfy, flattering, and contemporary oversized silhouette.

How to wear it

For the past year, you’ve probably been reaching for oversized everything. But the trick to pulling off relaxed silhouettes in your public-facing get-up is in striking the right balance. So if your trousers are relaxed, a regular- or slim-fit top and jacket will keep the proportions right. Similarly, slim or tapered pants work best if you’re going oversized on top. Just focus on keeping your silhouette oversized and sleek, rather than big and bulky. 

When it comes to footwear, you have more of a free reign. Chunky boots or trainers maintain the contrast between a slimmer top half and looser bottom half. But to take the look further, you could opt for slimmer shoes like loafers, which will highlight the silhouette of your trousers alone and accentuate the oversized element.

Words: Ella White
Photography: Jack Batchelor
Styling: Toby Standing