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Three of the most wearable spring trends

Three of the most wearable spring trends

Spring is a season that can pass by largely unnoticed. It’s a hangover from winter spent looking forward to the balmy warmth of summer, and when it comes to dressing, you can never be sure just what the elements have in store. Do you need a coat? Will an overshirt be warm enough? Is it dry enough to get the white trainers out again? But the most confusing question of all is whether you should invest in trends or stick to items you know won’t go out of style.

Luckily for us, our stylists have a sixth sense when it comes to identifying exactly which trends are the most wearable and long-lasting, meaning you never have to worry about ditching them after a season of wear. So although the season may feel ephemeral, your spring wardrobe won’t be. On that note, bring on the unpredictable elements – you’re about to look especially stylish bracing them.

Relaxed tailoring

“With fewer people wearing suits to work, tailored formalwear is fast becoming a look that men wear because they want to, rather than because they are required to,” says stylist Luke McDonald. With this rise in more casual attire comes relaxed tailoring – think the smartness of a suit with the comfort and shape of loungewear. “Relaxed tailoring is great because you can wear it to work, on the weekend, and even travel in it, all while looking smart without feeling restricted,” Luke says.

Another benefit of relaxed tailoring is that lighter fabrics are easier to carry. Unpadded, unlined blazers in soft jersey fabrics fit more like a cardigan than traditional tailoring, and you won’t need to carry a suit bag around with you if you’re likely to take it off. You can also mix up your colour palette – like a navy jacket, grey shirt, and darker trousers – for a look that looks smart, but never stuffy.

While it looks good year-round, relaxed tailoring works especially well during the transitional period of spring due to the unstructured cut of the garments. A light blazer is ideal for warmer days, and sweatpant-style wool trousers combine formal fabrics with relaxed shapes that are a saving grace in mercurial weather.

Looser fits

“The skinny-fit look has officially peaked, and we’re moving into a looser era,” Luke says. Relaxed casualwear, straight-leg jeans, and wool-mix blazers are some of the clear starting points for this trend, which is accessible and flattering for almost any body type. 

Loose-fitting clothes should look relaxed without feeling sloppy. The style is super comfortable yet considered, so look for softer fabrics like cotton outerwear over light t-shirts, and suede boots rather than leather, which are perfect for spring. “As the weather grows gradually warmer you don’t want your clothing to feel restrictive, and this is a style that’s sure to make you feel at ease,” Luke says.

What sets loose fits apart from relaxed tailoring is the silhouette, rather than the structure of each piece. Whilst relaxed tailoring is still slim cut, loose-fit items should hang lightly off the body and fit well (not too oversized), without any stretching.


“Patchwork is everywhere this season, and it was a huge trend on the fashion week runways,” Luke says. It’s a style that can look over the top if done wrong, but opt for a single colour to make it more wearable. 

“Varying shades of navy or blue are the easiest tones for patchwork,” Luke says. “And you just need one item within an outfit to create the effect.” Look to trousers with subtle differences in the fabrics and textures, green-hued shirts with brown patches, or even a patterned shirt if you’re a typically minimal dresser looking to try something new. “It’s a great opportunity to take a classic piece, like a button-down shirt, and give it a twist,” Luke says.

This trend really comes into its own in spring, because you’ll probably be wearing fewer items that make a statement like you do with chunky winter jumpers, for example. A classic piece with patchwork detail is an easy way to bring a point of interest to warm-weather dressing, especially if you prefer to keep things subtle.

Words: Ella White
Photography: Jack Batchelor
Styling: Luke McDonald