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Three denim styles that look good on everyone

Three denim styles that look good on everyone

With all the denim styles, washes, and fits out there, finding the perfect style for you is essentially a breeze right? Oh, if only. The unfortunate truth is that the hunt for the perfect denim is too often an arduous one – thanks to the endless options available. (And don’t even get us started on the latest trends.) The good news is there are a few denim styles that tend to look good on every shape and size, and we’ve rounded them up for you. Because picking denim styles that look good should be as effortless as wearing them. 

Slim-fit jeans

Photographed: Edwin ED-80 Slim Tapered Jean ($119)

If you’ve been looking for a way to replicate the slimming, elongating effect of skinny jeans without actually wearing skinny jeans, you need look no further than the slim-fit. Slim-fit jeans are the effortless middle ground between skinny and straight-leg styles. They follow the straight-up-and-down line of your silhouette, but rather than clinging to or concealing the shape of your leg, they run just close enough to both flatter and lengthen it. Plus, they look so much more contemporary.

It stands to reason that the slimmer you make something appear, the longer it will look. Therefore, the slimmer your legs are, the slimmer these jeans will make you look, and the longer your legs are, the longer they’ll look. So you’ll find them easier to fit into both laid-back and smart casual outfits thanks to their more refined silhouette – just consider how you style slim-fit jeans depending on your height. If you’re tall, you can get away with a longer silhouette on top, but shorter guys should pair slim-fit bottoms with a top that falls around the waistband so as not to shorten the appearance of the leg.

Tapered-leg jeans

Photographed: Nudie Jeans Nudie Lean Dean Jean ($167)

If you’ve been met with some denim deja vu, that’ll be because you’ve been seeing this style everywhere. The joy of tapered-leg jeans is that they flatter almost all body types thanks to the looser thigh and slimmer calf – so they won’t make you look shorter, but they don’t actively elongate the leg too much either. The tailored silhouette is more complementary than a skinny fit, so even if you have larger or more muscular legs, they will flatter your shape without feeling stretched.

Tapered jeans are also the easiest denim cut to dress up as they don’t overtly emphasise your shape or feel too trend-driven. The tapered calf looks almost tailored, making these jeans just as easy to pair with a shirt and blazer as a sweatshirt and trainers – ideal if you don’t like the typical straight-leg smarter trouser.

Straight-leg jeans

If you tend to buck trends and favour the classics, you’ll want to meet (or reacquaint yourself with) the straight-leg jean. This style is the platonic ideal of denim, so they’re the perfect middle ground if you’re not too fussed about either highlighting or hiding your legs. That, in short, is what makes them so flattering for such a wide range of body types. In fact, if finding jeans that suit your shape has been a point of contention, these could be your answer. 

The straight-up-and-down cut doesn’t alter your natural silhouette or accentuate any particular feature. So they’re the perfect middle ground for guys who aren’t too fussed about either highlighting or hiding the shape of their legs. The only downside? Since jeans are classically casual, and this is the ultimate classic pair of jeans, they’re harder to dress up. Sure, you can wear them with a shirt and boots for slightly more considered occasions, but if you need to go officially smart casual, you’ll need a slightly slimmer cut.

Words: Ella White