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Three comfy and considered Christmas looks

Three comfy and considered Christmas looks

No matter how you celebrate this year, the holiday season is likely to look pretty different than usual this year. With limited – or even virtual – gatherings on the cards, running out to buy new looks to impress friends and family might not be top of your to-do list. But with all the uncertain twists and turns that 2020 has brought, we reckon there’s no better time than the festive season to keep up the habits that make us feel good, and that includes finding the perfect comfy and considered clothing to wear on Christmas Day. 

Thread stylist Toby Standing compiled the best (and easiest) holiday outfits that will have you covered for any occasion, from exchanging gifts and gobbling down turkey and potatoes, to venturing out on your postprandial walk.

What to wear on Christmas morning 

Make this the year that you ditch the novelty jumper, and look to styles you’ll want to wear again and again. “The beauty of a jumper that is seasonal but not specifically festive is that you can wear it with almost any outfit throughout winter,” Toby says.

A knit in festive colours like deep greens and reds will nod to the Christmas sweater trend, and it still feels suitable for pairing with any winter look – especially if you go for a pared-back pattern like stripes. Dress it up with formal trousers, dress it down with jeans, and on Christmas morning, pair it with sweatpants and chunky festive socks for a look that’s cosy, cool, and considered, but won’t look like you’ve bought it especially for the day.

What to wear for Christmas dinner

This year, you probably just want to spend time with loved ones and enjoy as much festive food as possible. But since it’s looking to be one of the few normal-ish days of 2020, you may be seeking an outfit that makes an effort, but still feels comfy while you’re recovering from your food coma. If that’s the case, then your Christmas dinner poses challenges beyond how much you can fit on your plate. 

In short, comfort is key. “Go for a simple knitted polo on top,” Toby says. “It’s a good sub-in for a shirt if you’re the kind of family that likes to dress up, but it still takes on the 2020 laid-back vibe.” Even a loose, comfortable fit is an obvious step up from a casual t-shirt. For extra style points, pick a seasonal colour that feels relevant to the day without being over the top.

On the bottom, cord trousers make a great alternative to festive fabrics like velvet. They’re low-key and appropriate for smart casual occasions, but feel comfier on the waistband than jeans. Finish the look with your newly gifted trainers or slippers and you’ve nailed the Christmas dinner look.

What to wear on your Christmas walk

For your postprandial walk, festive cosiness comes in a combination of luxury textures. “Most of us spend at least a small amount of time outside on Christmas day,” Toby says. “So see it as a chance to flex on your neighbours with a cool winter look while you stroll off your lunch.”

Go for a subdued palette – like deep olive, dark denim, and charcoal grey – and cosy fabrics that feel more low-key than your other festive looks. Hardy leather boots and a knitted rollneck jumper are perfect for December, especially when you’re out in the cold. “Don’t be the guy out wearing a Christmas jumper with an everyday coat,” Toby says. “Go for something more refined, which nods to the cold-weather season but that you’ll wear for more than one day per year.” 

Fleece textures have been a big look this year as they combine the practical outdoors trend with the comfort we’ve been craving at home. If that’s not your thing, switch it for a wax field jacket that lends the same effect – a put-together outfit that works hard with very few elements, and feels seasonal but not cliched.

Words: Ella White
Photography: Jack Batchelor
Styling: Toby Standing