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The three autumn style resolutions you should make

The three autumn style resolutions you should make

The new year is everyone’s favourite time to make resolutions they can’t keep. It’s damp, overcast, and the whole world is still in a sugar-induced coma from a December filled with feasts – not prime time for a fresh start. A more promising alternative? Autumn, when our skin is still sun-tinted, the sky is still a cheery shade of blue, and we’re all still feeling mood highs from our August holidays. It’s a golden time for reinvention. And even though the school years may be over for many of us, autumn still feels like a fresh chapter in a new textbook. And spoiler alert: that chapter involves resolving to make better style choices. 

Don’t worry, our style resolutions don't involve parting with favourite autumnal staples – think chunky knits, chunkier boots, and weather-proof jackets. They deal with fan favourite pieces with a feel-good, do-good, look-good slant, and we're letting Thread stylist Freddie Kemp do the honours of revealing our top three. 

Resolution #1: Choose autumnal essentials in unexpected colours 

It’s easy to default to your standard greys, navys, and blacks when daylight hours dwindle, but this autumn, you should resolve to invite unexpected colour into your wardrobe. You can still incorporate your standard rain jacket, corduroy trousers, and cardigans, but ditch the drab colour palette for one that’s punchier. Deep reds, rich greens, and jewel-toned blues are a great place to start – they’ll add statement appeal while still feeling seasonally appropriate. 

Resolution #2: Shop sustainably 

Today’s most visionary designers aren’t just focussing on looking good, they’re interested in doing good for the environment too. Luckily, there are no shortage of brands that have a finger on the pulse of sustainability. French brand Veja produces ecological and fair-trade shoes that look impossibly good with nearly anything in your wardrobe. Oliver Spencer has prioritised environmental performance, choosing fabrics and supply chain processes that align with its mission. Every piece designed by Colorful Standard is made from 100% organic cotton, while Knowledge Cotton works to use sustainable and green energy in its supply and distribution chains. And the list goes on, meaning there’s no excuse not to think sustainably, even when you’re throwing on a simple tee.

Resolution #3: Update your rainy day look 

Even if you’re not based in London like me, you’re sure to be cursed with a handful of rainy days this autumn. Instead of reaching for pieces as dreary as the forecast, embrace elements-proof clothing that still leaves an impression. You don’t need to don a clichéd rain jacket when nimbus clouds form – a sleek style will do the trick while keeping your outfit elevated. 

Photographed: CAMPER Pix ($192)

The same goes for your shoes. A pair of wellies isn’t the only option available. There are puddle-proof formal shoes that you can wear with your smart trousers and not look like you belong at Balmoral. Plus, they’ll lift a rainy day mood, so win-win.

Words: Allison Pavlick
Photography: Mark Sanders
Styling: Freddie Kemp