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The dos and don’ts of cardigans

The dos and don’ts of cardigans

Who would have thought that an item once relegated to the same category you might find socks and sandals or corduroy trousers could become such a style statement? Probably not the dads everywhere who’ve been rocking the cardigan for years. But here we are, in a time when other ‘dad’ staples such as ’90’s chunky trainers and beige chinos are considered cool, and now we want everything this button-up woolly wonder has to offer. 

But before you simply throw one on and head out, take a note of our stylist Toby Standing’s dos and don’ts to keep your cardigan game strong this season (and less like something your old man might wear).

Do: get the fit right

“When it comes to fitting the cardigan, it’s important to consider how it will sit on the body with one or two layers underneath – you don’t want to look like you’re squeezing into something that’s a little on the small side, after all. Make sure it sits well across your chest and lets you move without any restriction.”

Do: go for one with ribbed trims

“It’s a small detail, but it’s one that can make all the difference. A ribbed hem and cuffs will give your cardigan much more structure and make sure the garment sits better at your waist and wrists – ideal if you’re wearing it with smarter items like a shirt and trousers.”

Do: find a knit texture that works for you

“We’ve all mistakenly bought those jumpers that either make us feel like an oven or have us scratching non-stop. To avoid that, look to lighter-weight cardigans made from soft blends like cashmere and viscose, or merino wool and nylon.”

Don’t: choose one that’s too long

“Anything too long will mess up the proportions of your outfit, making it difficult to layer shorter coats on top. Something that falls where your trouser waistband sits is the ideal length.”

Don’t: go too deep on the V-neckline

“A slightly deeper neckline than your go-to V-neck jumper is fine, but go too deep and you may start to resemble a member of a mid-2000s boy band.” 

Don’t: go too baggy

“I’m all for a slightly oversized fit. A dropped shoulder? Yep. Droopy, elongated sleeves? Hell yes. But going too far into the oversized category can make you like you’re in a reboot of Honey, I Shrunk the Kids.” 

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Words: Ashlie Brombley
Photography: Jack Batchelor
Styling: Toby Standing
Styling assistant: Taylor Tunaley