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Style SOS: Which footwear should I wear in summer when it's raining?

Style SOS: Which footwear should I wear in summer when it's raining?

"It's been raining a lot where I live, but it's also pretty hot outside. Any tips for what to wear footwear-wise?" - Mo via email

Dressing for hot weather brings its own challenges, but when it’s warm and wet at the same time, knowing what to wear on your feet can put a dampener on your whole outfit. Preparing for wet weather in summer takes more thought than just packing an umbrella and a jacket, and while we can’t offer any advice on how to make British summers less dreary, we can hook you up with the best footwear to beat out any downpour.

Bold trainers

If you’re dressing casually, trainers are a no-brainer for wet weather. They’ll keep your feet fully covered, and you can still bring bright summer colours to your outfit without having to worry about them getting ruined in the rain. If it’s a particularly wet day, opt for leather or a pair of on-trend running trainers designed to withstand the elements, rather than suede. 


If it’s showery and you’re willing to risk canvas trainers, the rubber sole and toe of Converse will keep your feet dry from puddles, plus they can be machine washed – we even think they look better after a bit of wear and tear.

Leather boots

Leather chukka boots are a great wet-weather alternative to suede desert boots when you need the smart casual summer look but don’t want to risk ruining your shoes. They’re ideal for transitional weather and are easy to dress up or down with rolled-up chinos for work or weekends. If preppy smart casual is more your thing, boat shoes will see you through a summer shower in style, as they’re designed to be worn by sailors on notoriously wet and slippery decks.

Dr Martens

If you’re out for the day and want full foot coverage with no risk of getting your ankles cold and wet, Dr Martens are a year round winner that are hard-wearing, waterproof, and versatile enough to bring a stylish edge to almost any outfit. Dress them up or down for a cool take on both smart and casual looks.


Or, if you’re willing to brave wet toes in light showers, Birkenstock sandals are waterproof and made of top-quality leather. The Eva style is made entirely of ethylene vinyl acetate, a lightweight elastic material that feels like rubber, so they’re perfect for wearing poolside when the weather’s a little brighter, or on wet days when you still want to embrace warm-weather dressing.

Words: Ella White
Illustration: Ryan Gillett