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Our top autumn style resolutions

Our top autumn style resolutions

You might think of the new year as the time for making resolutions, but be honest – how often do you ever stick to those? If you’re anything like us, the answer is almost never. So rather than putting pressure on damp, dreary Januarys for fresh starts, we reckon crisp, golden autumns are a more productive time for reinvention – especially when it comes to your style commitments.

Autumn can feel like the start of a new chapter in the year, and since one of the season’s unrivalled perks is layering up in thick, luxurious fabrics, it’s the perfect time to start considering conscious investments with longevity rather than frivolous impulse spending. So as the time comes to pack away your summer shorts and dust off your cold-weather coat, we spoke with Thread stylist Toby Standing about the three simple yet effective steps you can take to freshen up your seasonal style more consciously.

1. Take lessons from your lockdown wardrobe 

Whether or not you spent lockdown working from home, you almost definitely grew used to comfortable, easy-going clothing. Autumn and the start of the cold-weather season also draw on that same need for cosy comfort in our outfits, so what better way to stay snug this season than to combine your lockdown favourites with classic autumnal style? 

“Don’t lose the casual vibe as you venture back out into the world,” says Thread stylist Toby Standing. “There’s plenty you can do to bring some of the comfort of your quarantine wardrobe to your everyday looks.” 

Sweatpants aren’t the only trousers that come with a drawstring waistband, and trainers have always been a comfortable and effortlessly cool style hero for laid-back outfits, so upgrading your wardrobe for autumn won’t mean stepping too far out of your comfort zone – literally. Go for relaxed tops like flannel shirts and soft cotton tees that feel snug but not clingy, and you’ve got an all-in-one outfit that’s ready for Zoom calls, the office, or even weekends out.

2. Secure the bag

Masks, hand sanitiser, water bottles – this autumn, we’ve got more than the standard keys, phone, and wallet to carry out with us. “Don’t just stuff your things into your pockets or the ratty old rucksack that you used on a hike four years ago,” Toby says. A good bag can transform your accessorising game, and leaving your pockets empty keeps your silhouette sleek and less bulky. 

Consider this your chance to invest in a bag that fits into both your style and your way of life, so you’ll be able to use it any time without worrying about it working with your look. Whether you need something big enough to carry gym gear and laptop, your cold-weather layers, or just your everyday essentials, it’s an easy first step into accessorising that and also checks the boxes for practicality.

3. Invest in the good stuff

“We often talk about cost-per-wear and the advantages of investment pieces,” Toby says. “But this autumn, possibly more than ever before, is a perfect opportunity to step back from the trend-driven cycles of fast fashion and find the pieces that will stick with you through thick and thin.”

A good coat that’s practical as well as stylish, quality jeans that won’t fall apart after three months or a particularly intense cycle to work, and a sturdy pair of shoes that will get better the longer you have them are all worth investing in at any time of year. But as the cold weather and long nights begin to draw in, you’ll really appreciate the upgrade in your wardrobe. If you’ve been telling yourself every year that you’re going to invest in better pieces, make 2020 the year you finally take the plunge. “It’s worth it – just ask the Dr Martens I’ve been wearing for nine years now!” Toby says.

Words: Ella White
Photography: Jack Batchelor
Styling: Toby Standing