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Our stylists’ favourite swim shorts for summer

Our stylists’ favourite swim shorts for summer

Planning on taking a dip soon? Maybe you have your sights set on the beach. Maybe it’s the pool in your back garden (lucky you). But no matter if you are standing at the end of the ocean or a pool of chlorine, you’ll feel more ready to take the plunge in something that evokes that summer feeling. So ditch your sun-faded (and probably too long) styles of summers past in lieu of our stylists’ recommendations. They’re worth diving in for. 

Marks and Spencer abstract print swim shorts

“I’m all about the bold punchy prints when it comes to swimwear, and summer is the perfect time to experiment with bold statement prints,” says stylist Izzy Harvey. “Marks and Spencer are always on the money when it comes to affordable and stylish swimwear, rivalling some of the prints seen across more premium brands. I’m particularly loving summery tones, like pastel orange. If you’re after something a little more subtle, you can counteract the brightness with a darker t-shirt.”

Simon Carter retro lido swim shorts 

“I love these ultra-quick dry, lido print shorts,” Izzy says. “They're playful, vibrant, and fun – all the things that remind me of summer. Pair these with a plain neutral camp collar shirt and some really great shades for the perfect poolside look. (Turquoise looks great with a summer glow too.) Simon Carter knows its way around a good pair of swim shorts, in my opinion, it’s always worth investing in quality as they have to step up against the elements (think chlorine and seawater).”

Mr P mid-length swim shorts

Photographed: Mr P. Mid-Length Swim Shorts ($91)

“Personally I'm a fan of really classic styles for swim shorts – something that falls where I would normally wear everyday shorts,” says stylist Toby Standing. “A simple drawstring waist and nothing too excessive in terms of design. These ones from Mr. P are the perfect ones for me. They tick my box for wearing all black clothing through summertime too.”

Far Afield blazing print swim shorts

“I'm not usually one for patterns, but I do think swim shorts are an exception to this – they're the kind of garment made for sunny days and joyful expression (the goth in me is struggling to type these words),” Toby shares. “I love more retro-feeling graphics, and these ones from Far Afield are really great. A simple but effective colour palette that will brighten up any beach, pool, hot tub, or canal that you visit this summer.”

Orlebar Brown sundried swim shorts

“Orlebar Brown’s swim shorts aren’t just popular because of their synonymy with James Bond, they are also a favourite due to their detailed construction, excellent fit, and great patterns,” says Thread stylist Freddie Kemp. “Their shape is based on a well tailored pair of cotton shorts as opposed to sport shorts, which you get with most trunks. This gives them a sharper aesthetic and a desirable riviera feel. This more tailored silhouette allows for them to be quite versatile out of the pool too – they don’t look out of place with a shirt and loafers.”

MVP shorter length swim shorts


Photographed: MVP Shorter Length Swim Shorts ($34)

“I’m a big fan of the vibrant colour and lightweight feel to these shorts from our in-house label MVP,” Freddie says. “As with everything in the range, you get a lot for your money. They're a great option for a beach party. Pair with a loose camp collar shirt and a pair of tortoiseshell sunglasses for a laid-back summer look.”

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Words: Allison Pavlick