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Our stylists discuss how to wear cardigans

Our stylists discuss how to wear cardigans

If you think cardigans only have a place in wood-clad studies, now's your chance to reconsider. Our stylists recently took to Slack to discuss their favourite ways to pull off the often midunderstood knitwear – as well as a few of the styles they think you should probably avoid. 

Toby: Howdy @luke @alexander

How're your lockdown fits looking these days?

Luke: Pretty good. Comfort has definitely become a focus, between the beard and the Birkenstocks, I’m basically becoming my dad.

Toby: A great look.

Alexander: Yeah, I'm working on the beard too, and I’ve been gravitating towards knitwear, as it’s not quite hot enough for me to be wearing shorts and t-shirts.

Toby: Brings us to today’s discussion: the humble cardigan. I'm a big fan of them in general, but especially as an at-home look.

Luke: Is it rad or grandad?

Toby: It's grandrad.

Alexander: Are you looking to channel a bit of Cobain @Toby?

Toby: Always! This Alpaca cardigan is on my wishlist right now. 

Alexander: That's nice.

Luke: Very Cobain.

Alexander: You can oversize on it and rock it with mid-blue jeans.

Toby: It's got an air of punk but without looking costumey, which I like.

Luke: Yeah, I think that’s key, right? My girlfriend had told me that I look way too old man with a cardi, but I was wearing one two sizes up recently, and she was like “that looks great” – it’s all about how you style it. 

Toby: I feel like I don't see you in one enough.

Luke: I really dig how classic this cardigan from M&S is. Just plain lambswool, oatmeal grey colour, and it’s styled really simply. Feels like for years cardigans were a bit too tight, thin, and in merinos, but chunky seems to be key.

Toby: Yeah I really like the simple ones. The OG right here.

It's been a proper cross-era garment hasn't it?

I always forget about the early 2000's technicolour cardigan fever dream.

Can imagine you in those days @alexander – rocking a yellow cardigan and graphic tee...

Alexander: lol

Not gonna lie, I did have a cardigan phase. Can't show you the images from back then though...  

Toby: This knitted cardigan is more your current vibe though I feel.

Photographed: MVP Full Zip Knitted Cardigan ($68)

Alexander: Yeah, that’s more my style now. I have to have something that feels modern. Contemporary vibes.

Luke: This knitted jacket from Oliver Spencer feels like that to me. The spready collar, the texture, and the snaps are just a bit more stylish. Especially if you’re not going oversized.

Alexander: I'm a sucker for a cardigan with a spread collar.

Toby: They've really nailed it.

Alexander: It's a good alternative to an overshirt. I'm feeling the tone of this cardigan right now. 

Photographed: AMI Patch Logo Cardigan ($399)

Toby: Such a great colour for this time of year. Great weight to it too.

That’s the problem with all my mohair stuff – you can only wear it for like three months out of the year. #gothproblems

Luke: I think another controversy that we have to cover: Shawl collars, love em or hate em?

Toby: I'm on the fence to be honest.

Luke: On the plus side is “The Big Lebowski” – Steve McQueen in the 60s. On the downside is kind of everyone else.

Toby: I think they can look great – if you're Kurt Russell with his hench winter beard.

Alexander: How big of a style icon is The Dude?

Luke: If you’re a beardy rugged David Beckham guy, it can work. Our head of business Development Terry pulls one off really well with workwear/military surplus type clothing, but it’s a really tough one.

Toby: I mean, this is the look for that style, right?

Luke: Basically you want to look like a handsome Jesus. 

Alexander: That's a vibe for sure

Toby: You're on the way with that beard, Lukey.

I feel like this cardigan is a good alternative for that shawl-collar look.

Alexander: Most guys just end up like this, but worse.

Toby: Yeah not a vibe. It would look so much better with a spread collar or v-neck style

Alexander: All joking aside though – I can imagine a shawl cardi looking alright in the right setting. If you are in isolation in a cabin somewhere. 

Toby: Yeah I think the right guy can look great.

Alexander: Next to the fireplace.

Toby: What an image.

Alexander: Comfortable in your armchair after a long day... chopping wood.

Luke: I think I can wrap this up with the most mental cardi on Thread from our former head of content Tom B’s favourite brand, “Wacko Maria”. 

Toby: That's a different fireplace mood.

Luke: If you are feeling flush with £459 and want to look great, look no further.

Alexander: I guess that’s for the afterparty.

Words: Allison Pavlick