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Our stylist-curated gift guide

Our stylist-curated gift guide

Has there ever been a year when a gift has felt more deserved? Whether they’re big or small, anticipated or a surprise, gifts are one of the best ways we can come together this year – even if they’re sent from a distance. To help make the process as easy as possible, we’ve enlisted the help of our stylists to put together our most comprehensive gift guide to date. And while the gifts may be a little different this year – think comfy slippers in lieu of luggage – we have a feeling they’ll be just as loved. Happy gifting!

Loungewear gifts

Why not give the guys in your life something that makes all that lounging on the sofa more comfortable? 

1. AllSaints cardigan

“I'm a cardi fan. I think it's the perfect kind of knitwear to lounge in, work from home in, or go for a daily walk in, as it feels like basically wearing a dressing gown all day like some kind of wealthy private detective.” - Toby Standing 

2. Colorful Standard navy t-shirt

“Navy suits any skin tone and this particular tee suits a wide range of body shapes. It's a great way to introduce someone to a brand that uses organic cotton. It's also super nice quality for the price.” - Artemis Crowley 

3. Toms slippers

“Slippers are one of those items that are such a luxury once you own a pair, but a lot of guys don’t think to buy them for themselves. What’s great about Toms in particular is they give shoes to those in need, so it feels like you’re giving a little more this Christmas.” - Brooke Philips

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At-home gifts

And while they’re doing all that lounging, gift them items that will help them spruce up their space.

1. Diptyque scented candle

“I love a scented candle and Diptyque is the queen of them.” - Artemis Crowley  

2. Tanner Goods mug

“As we’re all inside more, there’s plenty of tea and coffee to make. Make the experience even more pleasurable with this excellent tactile mug”. - Freddie Kemp

3. Byredo candle

"Stuck inside? Bring the spirit journey to your work-from-home zone. I love Byredos' scents – they're usually a bit unconventional in a good way. I've already got enough lavender smells going on, so gimme Peyote in 2020." - Toby Standing 

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Grooming gifts

With all this at-home time this year, there’s never been a better time for a little self-care. 

1. Sachajuan shampoo

"I'm 25 turning 26 (last vestige of the millennials), so of course I have a solid grooming regime. And a good shampoo is a key part of that, especially when navigating hair growth from the severe back and sides through the awkward stages and now in my Samson-esque final form. This stuff smells good too." - Toby Standing 

2. Malin & Goetz moisturiser

“One of the curses of this time of year is dry skin is at an all-time high, especially with all the hand sanitiser we’re all using, so a great moisturiser will come in even stronger. This all-body moisturiser from Malin & Goetz is vegetarian and cruelty free and works like a charm.” - Brooke Philips 

3. Aesop hand wash

“Many of the high-alcohol-percentage hand washes we’re using leave a pretty horrible smell on your hands. This is the perfect time to upgrade to something that not only smells much better but also helps prevent your hands from drying out.” - Freddie Kemp

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Stocking fillers

Just because a gift is tiny, doesn’t mean it isn’t meaningful. Besides, who doesn’t love a new pair of socks? 

1. Kapital socks

“These socks are so fun, but in a good way. They're also made from a hemp/cotton blend which means they're decomposable, unlike almost all other socks on the market, which contain petrochemical-derived materials of some kind. These are way better for your foot aroma - because natural fibres breathe best - as well as the future of the earth.” - Artemis Crowley  

2. Mantaray touch screen gloves

“We now live in a world where dashing out in the cold doesn’t just mean throwing on any old gloves. We now need some that are compatible with the many screens in our lives, and this pair from Mantaray will tick that box, while keeping your hands toasty and stylish.” - Brooke Philips 

3. Timothy Han perfume discovery set

"You/your loved one/everyone is probably wearing a signature scent less these days, but this is a great way to get a feel for what your 2021 scent will be. Smells have the biggest link the memory, and if there's one thing that you'll want your 2021 to not do is remind you of anything from 2020." - Toby Standing

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Winter accessories 

Because this might be the year they actually start embracing a scarf. 

1. Arlen merino scarf 

“This is one of my essential winter accessories because it makes a huge difference to your temperature, plus if you choose a minimal, fine-knit style like this it's totally versatile.” - Artemis Crowley  

2. Paul Smith leather gloves

“Often overlooked in favour of a cashmere scarf, leather gloves make an excellent gift. Not always something someone is willing to invest in for themselves but always appreciated as a gift. This pair have subtle, excellent details like the dark green piping and contrast leather that make them extra special.” - Freddie Kemp 

3. Wax London Beanie

“Accessories are one of the easiest ways to introduce colour into your outfit – and as a bonus, this one will keep your head toasty.” - Brooke Philips 

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Outdoor gifts 

Their camping trip might have been cancelled, but there’s still time to bring the outdoors to them. 

1. Patagonia jacket

"A practical, stylish jacket that will work year-round, not just in winter. It's also from one of the original proponents of ESG values in the fashion industry – an educational gift as well.” - Artemis Crowley  

2. Roachie upcycled crossbody bag

“We’re all getting out a bit more, but that doesn’t mean we’re the hiking type. You don’t always need a big, heavy backpack. This little guy can pack the essentials for a nice stroll and is also made from upcycled materials.” - Freddie Kemp 

3. YMC fleece jacket

"I don't know who decided that fleece was back (actually I do and it was Shia LaBeouf), but I'm glad it is. There are not many fabrics more comforting and tactile than the fleece jacket and the warmth you'll get from this style of coat goes beyond mere body temp – it's an inner warmth like that of being next to your family dog. YMC have made an exceedingly cool one." - Toby Standing 

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Tech gifts 

A new iPhone 12 might not be in the cards, but the perfect tech accessory might be. 

1. Polaroid bluetooth camera

"This camera is great for capturing moments with family and loved ones, which feels even more impactful given the year we've all had." - Freddie Kemp 

2. Bang & Olufson headphones

"If months of working from home and Zoom meetings have taught me anything, it's that you need to show off the tech on your head. Just kidding. It's the need for good, comfortable, wireless headphones. Create your own vibe. Not the vibe of your neighbours listening to the same album on repeat for what feels like six months." - Toby Standing 

3. Bowers & Wilkins portable speaker

“This year has included a lot more outdoor get togethers than your average year, and the coming months probably won’t be too different. Gift them a portable speaker that will help define the mood – whether their hosting a back garden BBQ or having a picnic in the park.” - Brooke Philips 

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Gifts for you 

You didn’t think we’d forget about you, did you? Why not treat yourself while you’re here. 

1. M.C.Overalls joggers

“If you haven’t treated yourself to a really good, comfortable pair of joggers this year, this is your cue. M.C.Overalls makes a pair in bonded jersey that will finally make you retire your old worn-out sweats. And the good news is you won’t be embarrassed seeing in them if you pop out to the shops.” - Brooke Philips

2. Marks & Spencer crewneck jumper

“Often Marks & Spencer is unfairly overlooked on the style front. Over the last couple of years, I’ve noticed more and more things I want from them. There’s a great pair of dark brown wool trousers I’ve got my eye on and their lambswool knitwear is a ridiculously good price. Try this one – it's in the colour of the season to boot.” - Freddie Kemp  

3. Arlen knitted jacket

“The ultimate work-from-home addition – super easy to layer and effortlessly stylish and comfy.” Artemis Crowley  

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Gift cards

When the perfect gift isn’t coming to you, let them decide what it is. 

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Gifts for her

Not sure what to get the women in your life? Shop from one of our many gift lists to find something she’ll love.

Loungewear gifts

Stocking fillers

Homeware gifts 

Outdoor gifts

Words: Allison Pavlick
Illustration: Ryan Gillett