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Meet the best outdoor-ready styles

Meet the best outdoor-ready styles

Outdoors styles have been creeping into our indoor wardrobes for years, and what better time to embrace them than right now. From beer gardens to work-from-home walk breaks to meeting friends in parks, we’re spending more time outdoors than ever, marking the perfect opportunity to invest in the trend and get even more wear out of these practical must-haves. Just make sure these styles and features are on your checklist, and you’ll be longing for the temperature to drop so you can try them out.

The best pieces

Outdoor trends are great for winter – especially in the current climate – because they’re specifically designed to keep you warm and dry against the elements. But you don’t need to be hitting the hiking trail to make the most of their benefits. 

Canvas jackets and gilets are an on-trend crossover that span the gap between workwear and practical dressing. They’re insulating without feeling bulky, and are easy to layer over simple winter pieces like a cotton sweatshirt and combat pants. 

If you’re ready to dive straight into the outdoors look, GORE-TEX shoes like these trainers by Danner are the ultimate in functional footwear. GORE-TEX is a synthetic membrane that covers other fabrics to make them waterproof and windproof, so it’s ideal for time spent outdoors in winter. But if you’re taking things a little easier and sticking the concrete, tried-and-true classics like outdoor-ready hiking boots provide an equally outdoorsy feel.

The best features

It’s the technical details that set true outdoor pieces apart from the imitations that prioritise fashion over function. Picking pieces with the right features will ensure your outdoor excursions are both successful and practical, especially on blustery days. 

Combat trousers with pockets lend your look an easy nod to technical dressing with the practical bonus of providing storage for your phone, keys, wallet, and mask when you’re heading out but don’t need a rucksack. Look for tops and outerwear like work jackets that have high necklines and full-length sleeves to keep the warmth in and the cold out. In terms of your footwear, look for styles with high laces to keep your feet dry and protected against puddles.

The best fabrics


The real key to practical outdoor-ready style is in the fabrics. Whether you’re tackling the elements or just heading out for a stroll, long-lasting yet comfortable clothing is always a priority when it comes to building your winter wardrobe.

Canvas layers, like this Lawrenceburg vest by Dickies, are ideal for keeping toasty, and are easy to wear alone with a jumper or over a jacket depending on the weather. More technical fabrics like GORE-TEX and ripstop are designed to be lightweight yet strong for high-functioning active outdoor wear, so they won’t give in easily to bad weather and will still keep you warm and dry when you’re just out running errands. That mountain hike can wait. 

Words: Ella White
Photography: Jack Batchelor
Styling: Toby Standing