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A coat is many things – an insulator, an armour of sorts, the thing that makes your commute to work bearable. But lest you forget, it’s also the message you send to the world for a number of bone-chilling months. A solid black or camel coat may be sensibile, classic, and undeniably handsome, but a style that’s clad in an eye-catching pattern or colour proclaims to the world that no matter how many degrees below freezing it might be, you’re still willing to turn things up when it comes to style. Plus, nothing can lift a mood mid-blizzard quite like the site of person in a yellow parka shuffling across the icy pavement.

So if your wardrobe and wallet can accommodate both a solid and statement style, we think it’s a worthy play. Unlike a patterned knit or a pair of playful socks, you won't conceal a statement coat under layers, so you can rest assured that your new essential will be admired – and even envied – by those shrouded in standard grey and black coats. 

Looking for an easy access point? Opt for a traditional style, like a peacoat or overcoat, in checked pattern. It will still come across as classic, while lending your look some visual interest and a touch of personality. The colours don’t have to be ostentatious to strike the right notes. In fact, a coat with a more subtle checked pattern will still allow you to accessorise with more colour, like a green scarf or a pair of red socks, as shown in the image above. Plus, a checked coat will still look just at home at work or a Christmas party as it does on a casual pub night with your mates, so you don’t need to worry about reserving it for one-off special occasions. 

If you live somewhere with tundra-like temperatures, a bold puffer is the move. A burnt orange or red colour will feel seasonally right, just be sure to ground it with neutral pieces, like jeans and a black beanie, or you’ll end up looking like a colourful blob. 

If you’re willing to push the boat out even further, opt for a statement-style coat, like a duffle or parka, in a bright colour – think orange or yellow. As long as you keep the rest of your look toned down, you’ll be able to nail an appropriate level of colour. We promise you’ll have everyone else convinced that bright and sunny days are ahead, even if the upcoming snowstorm disagrees with you. 

Words: Allison Pavlick
Photography: Andras Hari
Styling: Brooke Philips