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It's easy to get into a workwear style rut come winter when, instead of making an effort, all you’d rather do is throw on anything thick, chunky, and super warm. At Thread, we’re all about making dressing well a fuss-free experience that doesn’t compromise your comfort (or warmth). By simply choosing a foolproof combination of fabrics, accessories, and colours, you can still look cool without being cold this winter. Let’s break it down, shall we?

The secret of cold-weather dressing is skillful layering. By layering your clothes, you allow yourself the flexibility of keeping cool on your stuffy commute and in a heated office, yet toasty when you’re out in the chill. 

Choose a coat or jacket that says something about you. You don’t always have to opt for the classic black or navy overcoat to stay warm. Feel free to have a little fun, but choose your fabrics wisely. A corduroy jacket offers the benefit of a heavy, woven fabric that’ll block out the cold while also making a style statement (corduroy is very cool, don’t you know?). The texture feels special and a little festive, while the navy colour keeps your look appropriate for work – not that we’re opposed to a little bit of orange in the office. 

Invest in a versatile rollneck jumper and a pair of wool trousers in a neutral hue. These simple yet stylish pieces will pair well with your statement outerwear, allowing it to take centre stage, and will also keep your office look appropriately smart. The comfort and warmth of the high neck is an added bonus that will shield you from oncoming gusts. 

Strike a colour balance with your shoes and outerwear by investing in a versatile shade that you can wear time and time again – handy on those days when you’d rather not think too much about what to pair with your outfit. Suede shoes can look great with your winter layers, but only if you’re willing to take on the responsibility of taking care of them with protective spray. Go for rubber soles for extra grip, stability, and durability. 

The rest is where you can amp things up and get a little creative. All your extra bits and bobs, from the colour of your wallet to the pattern on your scarf, can introduce a more playful way to uplift your look. You never know – your pop of vibrancy on a bleak winter’s commute may brighten up someone’s day. 

Words: Ashiana Pradhan
Photography: Andras Hari
Styling: Brooke Philips
Styling assistant: Luke McDonald