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How to stop feeling bored with your wardrobe

How to stop feeling bored with your wardrobe

How long did you take to get dressed this morning? Five minutes? Ten? According to a research carried by Travelodge, the average man in Britain takes 13 minutes to choose an outfit. The fairer sex are done in just ten.

We wonder whether that indecisiveness is the result of too much choice or, more likely, a lack of it. Men's wardrobes can tend towards the same colours, the same few items repeated until they just don't feel inspiring anymore. Too often, it feels like you’re choosing between one plain blue t-shirt and another. Or deciding on clothes based on cleanliness rather than whether they excite you.

That's how 82 per cent of you guys feel, according to our recent Instagram poll. So we tapped our expert stylists for their tried-and-tested ways to shake things up.

Try old favourites in unexpected combos

Breathing life into your wardrobe needn’t be expensive. In fact, it could be as simple as wearing a roll neck under a favourite shirt. Or taking the shirt and wearing it unbuttoned over a white tee. The idea here is to rethink your favourite pieces – you know they work, so why not try them in a new way? Shirts are one of the easiest items to ‘repurpose’, but you can do this with anything. Suits can be worn as separates or as a new, mismatched suit (the fancy word for this is spezzato).

Ditch stuff you don't actually like

With the current buzz around minimalism and fashion’s environmental impact, the #SYWchallenge (Shop Your Wardrobe) has sprung up on social media. An easy way to start is to take stock; remove shoes from boxes and take clothes out of suit bags. Once you can see everything, it’s easier to ditch the items you’ve outgrown or no longer like. Bonus points: if you’ve got friends who are the same build, why not take part in a clothes swap?

Buy one great piece that works with everything

Some people have that one thing they wear all the time, but it never gets old. It could be a classic that blends into any outfit, or a statement item that makes their look, the key is finding out what works for you. Depending on what’s in the rest of your wardrobe, this could be anything from a Sunspel white t-shirt to a safety orange beanie. When you're planning to wear something all the time, make sure to buy the best version you can afford, so it can act as an anchor for everything else.

Introduce a new aesthetic

Have you ever found yourself staring at pictures of people who look so good that you’re tempted to adopt their outfit wholesale? Never mind that you’ve never wanted to dress like an Icelandic fisherman before, or the fact you wouldn’t even know how to pull off a jumpsuit. Sometimes, the jolt of excitement at seeing something new, amid the homogeny of your Instagram feed, is enough to jerk you out of your wardrobe stupor.

It’s also amazing how framing items in a different aesthetic can change their whole effect. A beanie worn by someone in head-to-toe streetwear feels distinct from the beanie worn by a preppy dresser. Ditto a Barbour jacket worn by the green welly brigade as opposed to a graphic designer in East London.

So have a play around. Try wearing all-black one day if your comfort zone is of the blue-jeans-and-grey-tee vibe. You don’t have to commit for long to benefit from the invigorating nature of change. Sometimes, trying something new is all about confirming what you don’t like, as much as discovering something new that you do.

Words: Theresa Harold
Illustration: Calum Heath