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How to pull off white jeans

How to pull off white jeans

We get it – white jeans can be a bit intimidating. And not just because you’re at constant risk of spilling something on them, but also because unlike darker ones, they don’t have a slimming effect. On top of that, there are also style rules that advise you to wear them exclusively during the warm-weather season, which if you choose to follow, limits you to about three months per year (plus the odd tropical holiday). But we can assure you that with the right considerations, white jeans can be a breeze to pull off. Just keep a few simple tips in mind (and your glass of red wine at arm’s length). 

Don’t wear them on rainy days

This will only lead to unnecessary contact with puddles and mud. Your white jeans don’t deserve this, and neither does your ego. And lest you forget, rain and white clothes can lead to a dreaded see-through effect. So before you reach for your white trousers, always check the forecast. 

Ease in with an off-white trouser

If you want to ease into wearing white jeans, start with an off-white colour instead. An off-white denim, for example, looks great with a camp collar shirt and a pair of Converse trainers for an everyday summer look. 

Opt for a straight-leg fit

Anything too skinny will hide nothing, while a straight-trousers will be far more forgiving and flattering. 

Don’t wear with other white pieces

If you’re feeling unsure about white jeans, avoid pairing yours with anything else white. Instead, add contrast with an oatmeal-coloured top and once you get more comfortable, you can swap it for a pure white. 

Keep things casual 

White jeans are a no-go with more formal looks. If you’re looking for a lighter trouser to pair with your smart casual looks, a beige chino will work well. 

Don’t be afraid to wear white trousers in winter

We say there’s no reason you can’t wear a white jean in colder months (regardless of what your mum might say). White denim is particularly strong as a transitional item. Pair yours with neutral trainers and a plain tee (we recommend navy) with an over shirt or light jacket. 

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Words: Allison Pavlick