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How to make formal trousers part of your casual wardrobe

How to make formal trousers part of your casual wardrobe

Formal trousers are no longer restricted to boardrooms and ballrooms. It used to be the case that jeans would be your casual option, with chinos falling somewhere in the middle, and tailored trousers covering the smart end of the spectrum. But with so many casual trousers available, and the rise of the smart casual dress code, formal trousers have become a smart and stylish way to bring a more refined element to everyday dressing, and we’re here for it. 

The shift away from formal dressing at work has offered space for guys to play with the expectations of formalwear – think blazers with jeans, trainers with suits, formal trousers with casual classics like t-shirts and utility jackets. Bringing smart trousers into your modern casual wardrobe does take a little more consideration than pairing with a smart shirt, but you can get more wear out of one pair of formal trousers if you bring them into your everyday wardrobe.

Take formal occasions for example. If you want to wear something a bit more interesting than a suit, pair your trousers with a white shirt, dark blazer, and an accessory like a pocket square. Keep the shoes smart and you can lose the blazer if you end up feeling too dressed up, or too warm.

For an easy way to nail smart casual, pair your formal trousers with a rollneck jumper and bomber or denim jacket, or a knitted polo and fresh white trainers. The more relaxed elements, like shoes and outerwear, will help offset the smartness of the trousers.

For an even more casual take, style your formal trousers with a hoodie and trainers, like Converse. The versatility of the trousers will help elevate your chilled-out pieces, bringing your lazy day favourites into the realm of smart casual dressing.

Words: Ella White
Photography: Angus Williams
Styling: Freddie Kemp