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Four trends you'll want to wear when lockdown is over

Four trends you'll want to wear when lockdown is over

Fed up of wearing the same thing? Want to get dressed up but have nowhere to go? We feel you – deciding what to wear during a pandemic can be less than inspiring, and it gets us to thinking about what we’ll be wearing once we’re heading back outside again. (Remember leather shoes and that forgotten fastener known as a belt?).

You might be desperate to get back into some of your old favourites that haven’t seen the light of day in a few months, but we reckon there will also be some lockdown looks that won’t be so easy to let go of. With this in mind, our stylists have rounded up the most wearable trends you can invest in now, without having to worry that they'll be passé once the pandemic is over.

1. Dressing up

“Lockdown has got everyone thinking they took social occasions with friends and family for granted,” says stylist Freddie Kemp. “Now, we’re planning to make the most of special occasion dressing as soon as lockdown is lifted.” With staying in comes a natural tendency to dress down, so it’s likely that once we’re allowed back out there will be a push towards dressing up and really making an effort.

“This could be a good time to make some investments in your ‘occasion wardrobe’,” Freddie says. And since dressing up will feel like a novelty a few months down the line, why not make the most of it with brilliantly tailored trousers, quality leather shoes, and perfect-fitting blazers? Brands like Selected Homme, Ted Baker, and Marks and Spencer are nailing these looks for all sizes, styles, and budgets.

“Have fun with dressing up again,” he adds. “Go for something colourful, and embrace patterns that might push you out of your usual comfort zone. Lockdown has been hard and often painful, so when it comes to enjoying yourself and getting ready for those events you've been looking forward to, you have a unique opportunity to reinvent your style and really make an effort.”

2. Dressing down

It’s likely that workplaces will take on a new normal now that we’ve adapted to working from home. “Everyone is much more casual at the moment, and we think it’s going to continue,” Freddie says. “So now is a good time to invest in casual staples.”

If you’re adapting to a more casual dress code, the classic shirt and chino combo might seem like an obvious option. Give it a modern twist, and shop oversized. “With the weather getting warmer, looser shapes are a popular trend,” Freddie says. “Pick a classic-fitting Oxford shirt, like this one by MVP, but go up a size or two for a more relaxed feel.”

For a laid-back touch, leave the shirt untucked and layer over a crisp white tee with a couple of buttons undone. For an even more casual finish, switch the shirt for a structured overshirt, like this one from Marks and Spencer. Pair with loose-fitting chinos rather than skinny fits, and you’re well on your way to nailing smart casual office style.

3. Dressing high-low

You’ve probably grown so used to the comfort of your sweatpants that they won’t simply be delegated to the back of your wardrobe once lockdown is lifted. Enter high-low dressing – the deliberate mixing of smart and casual pieces, rather than opting for specifically ‘smart casual’ pieces. 

“The loungewear trend is here to stay, so play on the smart-on-top-casual-on-the-bottom dressing of Zoom calls, even when you’re back to real-life interactions,” says stylist Millie Rich. “Contrary to popular belief, there are plenty of ways to dress up sweatpants.” 

It’s all about picking the right pieces to elevate your loungewear, without losing the element of comfort. “Wear your jogger or track pants with a simple t-shirt and overshirt, like these from Arlen, or opt for a knitted jumper instead of a sweatshirt to elevate your track-casual style,” Millie says.

4. Dressing in drawstrings

Whilst we’re looking forward to embracing our everyday wardrobe again, some old favourites may seem a little less appealing once the pandemic is over. “Last week I put on a pair of jeans for my daily walk and instantly took them off again,” Mille says. “The discomfort was real after weeks in my most comfortable clothes.” 

If you’re ready to ditch the loungewear but worry about re-adapting to less comfortable styles of dressing once you’re back outside, look no further than the drawstring trouser, like this seersucker pair by Oliver Spencer. The comfortable waistband will avoid discomfort during the day, and brings a naturally chic, summery feel to your look. 

“Opt for a seersucker fabric to embrace the summer vibe,” Millie says. “Wool or linen keep the look smart, while a light cotton or jersey are super comfy if you’re not ready to fully let go of the at-home lifestyle just yet.” Simply style yours with a tucked-in plain tee, and a pair of sandals or trainers, and you’re good to go. 


Words: Ella White