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Four of the best wardrobe colour combinations

Four of the best wardrobe colour combinations

The days may feel like they’re blending together, but by incorporating the right colours into your wardrobe, you can make sure that your outfits still stand out. The real challenge comes in knowing which colours go well together, especially when you’re wanting to push the boat out a little by embracing more eye-catching shades. 

Luckily, our stylists are no strangers to complementary colour combinations. We asked them to share their go-tos, and show us the most stylish (and wearable) ways to wear them. Your grey-on-grey look can wait — at least another day.

1. Toby's favourite colour combo: black and cobalt blue 

Why black and cobalt blue work well 

My wardrobe is predominantly black, but I like to supplement my monochrome looks with some brighter colours every now and then. When I do, I go for strong contrasts, as seen in this bright blue sweater by Arlen. I like how saturated the blue is, and how starkly it contrasts with the black trousers.”

How to wear black and cobalt together 

Choosing statement pieces like a pair of wide-leg trousers in black, and pairing them with basics in bolder colours means you can dress in a more daring way without your look feeling too out-there. Bright colours draw the attention from bolder pieces, so if you’re looking for a way to elevate your look but don’t feel confident about pulling it off, start with subtle black items and offset them with bold staples.

2. Alexander’s favourite colour combo: brown and baby blue

Why brown and baby blue work well

As we move towards summer, it's time to consider some lighter and brighter tones. Pastels are great for the season, and for those who feel a little apprehensive about jumping into wearing colour, pale blue is an easy starting point. It contrasts nicely with brown suede to bring out the rich hue of both pieces.

How to wear brown and baby blue together

“I love this baby blue mock neck jumper by Mr P. under a brown suede jacket, but you can still capture the same effect with a light blue casual shirt, or even a light denim shirt, if you want to stick to something a little more subtle.

3. Freddie’s favourite colour combo: green and neutrals

Why green and neutrals work well 

“I’m a big fan of earthy tones, as they always pair well together regardless of the season. As these colours suit utility and military-inspired shapes, there are plenty of options for styling earth tones together.”

How to wear green and neutrals together

“The great thing about greens and neutrals is that you can darken the shades slightly in the colder months, and lighten them when it’s warmer. These are colours that most brands will include in their ranges year-round, so you’ll have plenty of shapes and styles to choose from to suit your look. For me, simple olive green trousers, like these from MVP, and a khaki tee layered with a neutral overshirt is the perfect balance of utility styles and colours.”

4. Luke’s favourite colour combo: black and pink

Why black and pink work well 

“Black offers such a versatile foundation, and it can be paired with pretty much any bright colour. I like pink as a nice seasonal colour, and the softer shade in this t-shirt by Colorful Standard makes the contrast less striking.”

How to wear black and pink together

“Planning looks around a black trouser and jacket combination makes it easier to use colours to add contrast and interest in your outfit. Light pink creates a laid-back feel in this look, which suits my style, and enhances the silhouette of this slouchy mohair cardigan by Mr P. paired with loose linen trousers. Don’t be afraid to experiment with the shade or colour depending on your style and complexion.”

Words: Ella White
Photography: Jack Batchelor
Styling: Toby Standing, Alexander McCalla, Freddie Kemp, Luke McDonald