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Five style lessons from London’s best-dressed men

Five style lessons from London’s best-dressed men

At Thread, we spend so much time creating our own outfits that we sometimes forget to pause and appreciate the inspiration all around us. So we got up, got out and tracked down some of London’s best-dressed men, to get some tips on how to approach our own wardrobes. From an unexpected shirt and blazer combination to artfully layered accessories, it proved that sometimes, the best way to get dressed is copy the experts.

To help us – and you – learn a lesson from the looks, we tapped our expert stylist, Luke McDonald, for the take-away from each guy. But if we were to leave you with one more, it would be to keep an eye out for real-life style inspiration in your day-to-day life – sometimes it’s crossing the road right in front of you.

Shane proves tailoring doesn’t have to be boring

“You can absolutely wear tailoring outside of formal situations. Shane underplays the safety and formality of these classic-cut pieces with his choice of patterned shirt and sandals. Dressing well is all about contrast, playing with smart and casual dressing, as well as different tones. It goes against expectations in a very considered and put-together way.”

Perry’s play on tonal dressing 

“Drawing from one colour family doesn’t have to make a look fall flat. In fact, they’re what make it feel really interesting. It helps that he selected a couple key utility and military-inspired pieces with more voluminous shapes: the trousers are baggier, the shirt is oversized, the gilet is looser fitting. The entire mix creates a dynamic and relaxed feel.”

Marks lets one great piece shine

“If you take the jacket away, you’re left with classic pieces, like mid-wash jeans, a white tee, and Converse trainers. But when you add the retro, utility-style jacket, it really takes things up a notch. It also helps that Marks’ look really plays into the whole sensibility – his hair, his relaxed vibe – it’s all an extension of the clothes he’s wearing, and it works.”

Manuel adds attitude with accessories

“The hat, rings, and bracelets are all simple, but when mixed together, they make a stylish impact. Even the way the jacket is draped over his shoulder mimics the look of a scarf. He’s done an excellent job at making sure all details have been considered, from the rolled sleeves to the dose of pattern brought in through the jacket.”

Adam aces attitude

“The way you carry yourself is just as important as the clothes you put on. That’s why Adam nails this look so effortlessly: he exudes joy and look comfortable in the pieces he’s wearing. If you’re looking for a more approachable patterned shirt that still makes a statement, this is the kind to go for – it’s not trying to be too jazzy. It’s a neutral colour and there’s plenty of negative space between the florals. The drapey fabric also lends the entire look an easy-going vibe. Just like Adam’s.”

Words: Allison Pavlick
Photography: Hannah Miles