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Five spring jackets that suit everybody

Five spring jackets that suit everybody

Every season is jacket season. But the transitional months of spring, when the weather can switch from glorious sunshine to blustery winds in the space of an hour, surely have it working the hardest. You throw your jacket on in a mad rush out the door, but still expect it to look stylish and provide just the right amount of warmth – no pressure or anything. The good news is that nailing the stylish part, at least, can be a breeze. Don’t believe us? You might once you’ve uncovered these five universally flattering styles.

1. The single-breasted mac

If there’s one coat you can count on as your go-to in any season, the single-breasted mac is it. In spring it’s just warm enough without being stuffy, weatherproof, versatile, and timeless. And it’s not just this easy practicality that puts the mac top of our list – it ticks all the boxes when it comes to style, too. We’re talking loose silhouettes, buttoned sleeve cuffs, a flattering shoulder seam, and a hem that stops just short of the knee. 

So whether you’re slim, broad, short, or tall, it doesn’t make a difference if you’re wearing a mac. These simple, classic features flatter every body type – all you need to do is nail the fit with room for layering. 


How to wear it

Since the classic single-breasted mac owes its longevity to its versatility, you can wear it with pretty much anything. Where a casual waterproof is harder to smarten up, and a belted trench coat is too structured to fully dress down, the mac occupies the middle ground. From the obvious smart suiting to sweatpants and sneakers, simply throw a mac on top and it’s guaranteed to work. And if the classic neutral tones aren’t your thing, step into something more experimental with blacks, greens, or even pastel colours.

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Photographed: Wax London Berg Malaga Green ($101)

2. The overshirt

When the weather permits, an overshirt in place of a heavier jacket can be just as practical, and even more stylish. You probably already own one, but if you’ve not considered it as a jacket in its own right – what are you waiting for? The overshirt is lightweight and easy to layer without feeling bulky when the unpredictable spring forecast calls for something a bit warmer. If you like a loose or oversized fit, just opt for a style with a boxy or straight-fitting torso that won’t cling to your body. 

How to wear it

The ways to wear an overshirt are endless – well, almost. But if you’re not used to wearing yours in place of a jacket, we recommend keeping it open over a t-shirt or sweater. Buttoned up it can feel smarter and more like a shirt, but this comes as an added bonus when you need a little extra protection from the elements. You could even level it up and wear yours over a shirt with formal trousers if you want to experiment with contemporary smart casual style.

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3. The utility jacket

If you don’t already own a utility jacket, then it’s about to revolutionise your wardrobe. It’s one of the most versatile and reliable jackets around, striking the perfect smart casual balance that’s easy to dress up or down, depending on what you wear it with. The spread collar and V-neck lapels imitate the classic blazer, while the relaxed silhouette is easy to introduce to laid-back looks. 

It suits everyone because the flattering shape suits just about any body type, and it’s the perfect choice for spring as it’s just thick enough to offer warmth, but light and moveable enough that your layers won’t feel stuffy or bulked-out. What more could you want?

How to wear it

Just how versatile is the utility jacket? Well. You can throw it on over your comfy casuals for a dressed-down take. You can go smart casual over a shirt or knit and jeans. You can even wear it in place of a blazer when the dress code allows for something a little less structured. However you wear it, the utility jacket will bring a hint of its rugged style into your look without ever erring into scruffy territory. 

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4. The denim jacket

Though slightly less versatile than the mac or utility jacket, the denim jacket has plenty timeless appeal to make up for it. Designed for labourers and made popular by the likes of Marlon Brando and Elvis Presley, the denim jacket has rugged roots. But today, it’s a laid-back option that anyone can pull off. 

Whether you prefer a dark or light wash, structured fits, trend-led cropped cuts, or oversized vintage style, there’s a denim jacket out there that will suit your personal style to a T. And it’s perfect for spring since the fabric hints at warmer days, but is still thick enough to offer protection against the erratic transitional weather.

How to wear it

The denim jacket is so easy to pair with other casual pieces that we’d go so far as to call it a bonafide wardrobe staple: have you ever seen one that doesn’t look cool? We doubt it. Simply throw yours on over slim black jeans and a crisp white tee, and you’ve got a stand-out look for the ages. It’s up to you to take the look into mod territory with loafers, rockstar cool with chunky boots, or contemporary casual with trainers.

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5. The zip-up fleece 

If you thought the fleece was reserved for dads and geography teachers, think again. In 2021, the popularity of pandemic-led casual dressing has offered the fleece a much-anticipated renaissance. So if you’re looking for ways to adapt the comfy pieces you’ve spent the last year reaching for into your new-season wardrobe, start with the humble fleece. 

We probably don’t need to sell you on just how cosy and warm a fleece can be. But in spring, the half- or full-zip front comes in handy as you switch between needing to layer up and strip down. And since it’s designed entirely for function, it features none of the frills liable to make a jacket more or less suited to a particular body type or trend: the fleece just works for everyone. And it’s no longer just practical – it’s officially stylish, too.

How to wear it

If you thought the denim jacket was casual, this is a step even further in the laid-back direction. Though you might think it’s dated, for urban-dwellers a fleece this spring is actually a fairly contemporary alternative to your classic jacket. It truly shines as a casual style for outside or indoors, so you can wear yours over t-shirts or warmer layers, with jeans, sweatpants, or even smarter chinos – just don’t try to dress it up. 

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Words: Ella White
Photography: Jack Batchelor
Styling: Toby Standing