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The easiest ways to dress better this autumn

The easiest ways to dress better this autumn

Like the crunching of crisp autumn leaves under your boots, dressing well can be impossibly satisfying. Wouldn’t it be great if it could be done with ease every day? Especially now, as the leaves are falling as fast as the temperature outside. Luckily, dressing better doesn’t have to mean spending hours staring hopelessly at your wardrobe and shivering in your skivvies.

When you’re armed with a few simple techniques, dressing better can take minimal effort and still yield a significant impact during this chilly season. In fact, the need for extra layers presents an even more perfect time to start pushing your wardrobe in a more stylish direction, as it allows you to embrace textures, accessorise, and create a uniform. We’d even argue that the results are more satisfying than the crunching of leaves beneath your boots (controversial, we know).

Experiment with texture

“Incorporating different textures into your look is a much easier way to add a point of difference than mixing patterns,” says Thread stylist Freddie Kemp. “This technique departs from summer dressing, which usually involves bolder block colours and lightweight fabrics. In autumn and winter, combining textures creates a cosier feel.” Create intrigue with ease by pairing different fabrics. Corduroy comes in especially strong in colder weather, as it is wonderfully warm and has transitioned (permanently, we reckon) from charmingly nerdy to endlessly versatile. Wear cord in the form of trousers, a shirt, or jacket. Contrast the heavyweight nature of corduroy with the softness of a lambswool knit to keep the outfit balanced, and then add a dogtooth or houndstooth layer for pattern and texture combined.

Amp up your accessories

If you prefer sticking to a colour palette, livening up your accessories is an easy and low-risk route to dressing better. “Accessories offer an easy way to experiment with colour and pattern,” Freddie says. “A scarf in an interesting shade or a cool pattern has the power to lift a look.” This extends to beanies and socks, too – so you should get an eye-catching version of all three to add to your autumn outfits. “I wouldn’t go for anything polarising like novelty socks. Go for marl socks that blend two colours together for more subtle accenting.” When you’re ready to level up and add more accessorising flair to your outfits, pop a pocket square into your blazers or suit jackets.

Create your uniform

Looking good is all about being comfortable and confident in what you’re wearing. Create an outfit combination that is entirely you, and run with it. As the easiest avenue to dressing better, creating a go-to uniform of items that you like and look good on you makes your morning decisions extra effortless. In this case, Freddie has styled a ‘uniform’ of trousers and a jacket in tonal shades of navy, with a check shirt. “Within this mould, there’s so much you can do. You can go for different trouser cuts, chinos or wool trousers, a navy overcoat instead of a jacket, and check shirts in different colours.” To remove the burden of putting together great outfits on the daily, build a ‘uniform’ that works for you and eventually, you’ll have your own signature style.

Words: Ashiana Pradhan
Photography: Jake Millers
Styling: Freddie Kemp