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The best street style lessons for October

The best street style lessons for October

As we bid farewell to bare arms and legs and welcome layers into our wardrobes, it can be tricky to know what to wear on those in-between days of early autumn. It’s still too warm for heavy coats, but too chilly to head out in just a shirt and tee. But when it comes to outfit inspiration, we know the streets of London often has more to offer than fashion magazines and Instagram influencers combined. This month, the guys of the capital have been tackling the challenge of dressing for transitional weather in style – and we expected nothing less. 

Thread stylist Toby Standing explains how these simple yet effective looks caught the eye of our street style photographer, and can be adapted for your own wardrobe so you can face dark mornings and drizzly evenings with ease.

Lesson 1: Adapt summer styles for autumn

“Alfie’s outfit is a lesson in how simple pieces can still look cool – it’s all about the pairings. He’s kept the palette neutral but each piece is a different colour, allowing them to stand out in their own right. He gets extra points for bringing typically warm-weather shades into his autumn look.”

Lesson 2: Add subtle points of interest

“Like Alfie, Charlie has kept things neutral but with the addition of simple patterns and accessories that draw the eye. His colour palette is well-matched and still stands out even though it’s neutral- and earth-toned. Overall, the look works because it’s considered but still relatively low-effort and easy to pull off.”

Lesson 3: Bring some texture

“Cord is one of the best fabrics for autumn. It’s warmer than denim or cotton, and adds a rich texture that works really well with autumnal colours. The low light at this time of year complements the wales in the cord, giving it a sheen similar to velvet that can be worn in both smart and casual outfits without feeling over the top. 

“The beauty of a cord shirt is that you can keep the rest of your outfit simple and let coloured cord do the heavy lifting. Wearing it as an overshirt is more practical than an Oxford shirt in colder weather, but not as all-encompassing as a utility jacket if you’re going for workwear vibes.”

Lesson 4: Play with expectations

“Sam has mixed things up by dressing dark on top and light on the bottom, which might seem simple but it’s a subtle switch from the norm. There’s also plenty of contrast in the relaxed silhouette of the trousers against the structured collar and sleeves of the shirt, the colour blocking of dark and light, and the summery pieces worn in colder weather. 

“What’s more, Sam’s crossbody bag comes in stronger than ever now we’re carrying more than just our keys, phone, and wallet in our pockets. It has room for your mask, hand sanitiser, bottle, and other essentials without looking out of place with the rest of your look.”

Lesson 5: Get to know what works for you

“Kevin’s look might appear simple at first glance, but that’s because each of these pieces suit him so well that he can wear them with ease. His bag matches his hat, his socks match his trainers, and yet it all feels laid-back and almost scruffy, which is a very cool vibe for 2020.

“The reason this look works so well is because he’s doing whatever he wants. The half-placket shirt, the well-worn leather jacket, and the silhouette of the chinos are obviously pieces that Kevin returns to again and again, as they fit him to a tee and he wears them with confidence. 

“One of my main style tips would be for every guy to find those pieces that become more than just a piece of clothing but something that really shows who they are, whether it be selvedge jeans, leather boots, or a favourite shirt.”

Words: Ella White, Toby Standing
Photography: Hannah Miles