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The best street style lessons for August

The best street style lessons for August

It might be a while since you’ve really had to think about what to put on in the morning, but luckily there are plenty of guys on the streets of London to inspire you to return to partial-normality. We took to the streets – camera in hand – to capture some of our favourite August looks, and it’s clear from these images that the capital hasn’t forgotten how to dress well even after four months in sweatpants. And good news: you don’t have to be a fashion-focused city-dweller to take inspiration from these stylish gents. Thread stylist Toby Standing explains why these simple yet effective street style looks are so strong, and how you can adapt them for your own post-lockdown wardrobe.

Lesson 1: Stick to a narrow colour palette

“Your outfit will feel more cohesive if you stick to fewer colours – ideally to below five,” Toby says. Committing to a minimal colour palette will help simple pieces to work together without feeling forced or too matchy.

Lesson 2: Take on late summer knitwear 

A cotton sweater is a great piece to throw on over an outfit in August or September as the evenings get cooler. “A sweater like this allows for layering, but it’s not as all-encompassing as a big knitted jumper,” Toby says.

Lesson 3: Let your accessories lead

An outfit of two very simple pieces work as a great backdrop for accessorising. “Let your accessories define the colour palette of your look, and keep your clothing neutral so each piece can stand out,” Toby says.

Lesson 4: Always be prepared

We could all take some style lessons from Mike. “From the textured jumper tied effortlessly round his shoulders to the mask carried in easy reach on his arm, the practical and comfy yet on-trend dad trainers, to the classic white tee that works for any occasion, Mike has nailed summer street style,” Toby says.

Words: Ella White
Photography: Hannah Miles