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Whether you’re working in the financial district or on a farm, heading out for coffee or hiking the coastline, outdoor clothing has earned a place in your wardrobe. Hiking boots, half-zip fleeces, and waterproofs are no longer exclusively worn by dads and dog walkers. Today, the comfort and durability of these pieces have made them a favourite of urbanites facing the elements. 

In fact, these outdoor-centric items of clothing have even become a style statement in their own right, and outdoor brands like Patagonia and Berghaus are responding. Keen to start inviting the outdoors into your wardrobe? Follow these three easy steps – no trip to the Lake District required. 

Choose the right footwear 

Hiking boots or trainers with technical details look just as good when you're trekking to drinks as they do trekking up a mountain. For urbanwear, leather adds a sleek and stylish finish with the same great coverage to protect you against puddles. If you’re fully sold on the hiking look, technical fabrics like GORE-TEX lend unrivalled waterproofing, which is just as useful when tramping through wet and windy cities as it is on rainy country walks. 

Practical features, such as rubber soles for grip and metal lace hooks for extra tightening, are just what you need in wet weather. What’s more, outdoor shoes are the ideal opportunity to bring a splash of colour into your winter wardrobe. Whilst you might opt for darker shades in cold weather, hiking gear often comes in eye-catching colourways, which is useful if you’re exploring the outdoors, or if you just want to inject a subtle statement into your everyday look.

Embrace outdoor-ready outerwear 

Now that many of us aren’t required to wear formal suits to work, it makes sense that utility dressing has become a style favoured by workers who want something functional – but not totally unfashionable – that makes a subtle statement. Padded outerwear, like puffer coats and gilets, are lightweight and easily packable, which is an obvious advantage for hikers, but also comes in handy for commutes and icy city nights. 

It’s also an easy access point if you’re looking to introduce bold colours to your wardrobe, as neutral-toned outdoor gear is better suited to hikes than hot fashion takes. Offset a bright coat with selvedge jeans or joggers to ensure it doesn’t look too rugged in urban settings.

Consider a hiking-inspired rucksack 

More interesting than your standard backpack, a hiking rucksack will fit a lot more inside without looking too bulky. Waterproof fabrics and roll-tops keep the rain out, and utility pockets mean you won’t be forever scrabbling for your keys at the bottom of your bag.

Dry bags for cycling and sailing, like Patagonia’s iconic Black Hole Pack, are resilient enough to last you for years to come, and offer a range of vibrant colourways that you can safely pair with more muted outfits if you tend to lean towards safe, dark tones. Who knows, if you embrace outdoor gear like this in your everyday wardrobe, you may even start looking forward to rainy days. 

Words: Ella White
Photography: Andras Hari
Styling: Brooke Philips