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The spring trainers every wardrobe needs

The spring trainers every wardrobe needs

Let’s get something straight: trainers are a year-round staple, and let no man convince you otherwise. Sure, you might have to break out something shinier for the odd wedding, but dressed-up occasions aside, there’s no reason you can’t rock a pair every day of the year – should you so wish.

But you can’t wear the same pair every day of the year. Questions of hygiene aside, the cotton slip-ons that get you through summer will be a sodden mess in February. And yes, you could wear a black, leather pair from when there’s snow on the ground until the first snowdrops appear. But it’s better to embrace brighter skies with shoes that feel just as spring-like.

The classic leather trainers

Not only will these look great with almost any outfit, the leather actually makes them a very practical choice. Spring showers and white shoes aren’t normally a happy match, but if they do get any dirt or mud splatters on them, a quick wipe clean is all you need to restore them to their boxfresh glory.

Stylist tip: “Pick a pair that has some detailing, such as a contrast heel or stitching,” says Thread stylist Freddie Kemp. “It’s still a minimalist white trainer, but then it’s not the same as every other white trainer.”

The subtle suede trainers

Photographed: Eytys Mother Suede Sneaker ($91)

Purple isn’t just for chocolate bars and musical geniuses. These shoes, crafted by Swedish footwear gods Eytys (pronounced like the decade), come in a subtle lavender that’s easy to wear with anything from light-wash jeans to cuffed chinos. Although we’re pretty sure Prince would have been a fan.

Stylist tip: “Lavender and softer tones are a lot more versatile than vibrant neon,” says Freddie. “It’s a great colour for spring and not exclusively for clothes. In fact, shoes are often an easier way to add colour, because there’s less on show and they feel separated from the rest of your outfit.”

The statement high-top trainers

If lavender feels like you’re not even trying, may we suggest these bright yellow Converse. They’re a perfect example of anchoring punchy colours with classic styling – yellow’s always a statement, but it’s easier to wear when it’s on shoes that have been almost unchanged for a century.

Stylist tip: “If guys wear bright trainers, they tend to think ‘OK, I’ll keep everything else neutral to balance the look’,” says Freddie. “But that actually makes them stand out more. Instead, pick an outfit with softer colours; think sage green and pastel pink. You could wear them with stone chinos, but verge on the darker side of stone. They’ll also look great with jeans – but best go for a lighter wash denim, given the season.”

The slip-on trainers

Photographed: Converse One Star CC Slip On ($70)

These will require a good going-over with a waterproofing spray before you step outside, but the beauty of slip-on shoes in spring is that you can wear them with invisible socks and start showing some ankle again.

Stylist tip: “Everyone loves a slip-on,” says Freddie. “If the weather’s nice, you can just kick them off in the park without fiddling around with laces. Admittedly, there’s more chance of that when spring’s turning into summer, rather than in the first week of April. They’re really simple, but the colour and fabric give them something different from all the plimsolls and espadrilles you’ll see everywhere.”

The retro running trainers

Photographed: Adidas Zx930 x eqt ($65)

Bold, comfortable, and a little bit old-school, these runners are ideal if you want to add a statement to casual outfits. They’re also perfect for welcoming warmer weather, because the colour makes them feel that much more sunshine-ready. They’ll provide a pop of vibrancy, even if you stick to the same wardrobe you wore in winter.

Stylist tip: “Chunky trainers are a big trend at the moment, but this is a more wearable – and more timeless – way to try it,” says Freddie. “You’ve got some good spring colours going on and the heavier sole makes them a bold choice.”


Words: Theresa Harold
Photography: Chris Howlett
Styling: Freddie Kemp and Luke McDonald