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One small change: Wear simple trainers

One small change: Wear simple trainers

Why make the change?

"Swapping your athletic shoes for a pair of minimal trainers makes every outfit more versatile. Slim or straight jeans and a sweatshirt starts to work for a casual office, while formal trousers and a jumper turns into something you could wear every day. Simple trainers are still comfortable, but are easy to wear to a wider range of occasions."

Thread senior stylist Sam Monaghan

Why this works

Common projects TKTKTK

Photographed: Black Common Projects trainers (£249)

  1. Jeans don't bunch on the shoe. "When trainers sit lower on the foot, jeans can fall on the top of the trainers without bunching around the ankles. This makes your outfit look sharper, and your legs look slimmer."
  2. Trainers are one neutral colour. "Single-coloured, neutral trainers are naturally smarter than trainers with a lot of different colours and tones."