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Five ways to wear: Desert shoes

Five ways to wear: Desert shoes

"Desert shoes are like brogues for summer," says Thread stylist Freddie Kemp. "Just like brogues, they're between casual and smart: if you have both trainers and desert shoes, you might have all the footwear you need for summer.
"Sand-coloured desert shoes are the best because they'll go with everything, and suede tends to look best in light, neutral colours. And even though they're summery, you can easily wear them through to autumn. Just avoid venturing out in them in wet weather, as suede doesn't fare too well in the rain."
Here, Freddie shares how to wear desert shoes in five different scenarios, from casual to smart.

1. When you want to make shorts and a t-shirt a bit more adult

Outfit: Desert shoes, chino shorts, t-shirt
Why this works: "This outfit shows how versatile desert shoes can be. They're slightly smartening up two of the most casual things in your wardrobe—without looking out of place. You could wear this t-shirt and shorts with trainers, but the desert shoes make it look more grown up."

Photographed: Sanders desert shoes (£129), Research Garments white t-shirt (£15)

2. When your only clothing options aren't summery

Outfit: Desert shoes, dark indigo jeans, light jumper
Why this works: "Jeans and a jumper isn't exactly a groundbreaking combination. But the lightness of these shoes—and even the slightly brighter colour of the jumper—make this summery rather than something you'd wear in winter. Plus it's ostensibly casual, but nice enough for a dinner out because the dark jeans fit well and the jumper's a fine, thin knit."

Photographed: Sanders desert shoes (£129), Paul Smith selvedge jeans (£78)

3. For subtly standing out at the pub

Outfit: Desert shoes, coloured chinos, plain neutral polo shirt, Harrington jacket

Why this works: "This is a cooler casual look than your average. Every item, from the polo to the jacket, is masculine, and the coloured chinos make you look confident as they're a bit of a statement. The shoes give it a polished finish."

Photographed: Sanders desert shoes (£129), Paul Smith green chinos (£73), Orlebar Brown polo shirt (£115), Selected Homme navy Harrington jacket (£32)

4. For a date you've been looking forward to

Outfit: Desert shoes, neutral chinos, chambray shirt
Why this works: "This simple outfit—shirt, chinos, lace-ups—is made interesting by the textures: chambray, twill and suede. It's undeniably casual, but also toes the line between thoughtful and not trying too hard."

Photographed: Sanders desert shoes (£129), Gant navy chinos (£140), Our Legacy chambray shirt (£115) 

5. When everyone else will be wearing chinos and a shirt

Outfit: Desert shoes, dark indigo jeans, dark-coloured shirt, pale blazer
Why this works: "Whether you're going to an office or somewhere else smart casual, this is a slightly unusual, but still appropriate, combination: everything's smart except for the jeans. I also like that the jacket and shoes lighten up the darker clothes." 

Photographed: Sanders desert shoes (£129), Paul Smith selvedge jeans (£78), Marks & Spencer puppytooth blazer (£99)