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What exactly is: A granddad collar?

What exactly is: A granddad collar?

In a nutshell

A granddad collar is just a simple band that lies flat against the bottom of the neck and doesn't fold over. In Thread's stylists' minds, though, it's a nice, relaxed alternative to your usual button-down or pointed collar.


Like many great styles, the granddad collar's provenance isn't 100 percent clear. The best story traces its inception to 1920s New York, where a woman named Hannah Montague cut the collar off her husband's shirt to wash it separately—thereby inventing the detachable collar. When her husband took off his collar at the end of a long day, the shirt looked like a modern granddad collar—with a slightly rakish element the style retains today. 

How to wear one well

"If you're a t-shirt guy, a granddad-collar shirt is a nice step up: sharper than a tee, but not as expected or restrictive as a shirt with a collar (as it doesn't go around your neck). Wear one with jeans or chinos or even a suit—a plain, white granddad collar can help you stand out at a wedding or nice dinner."