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Knitwear & Sweaters

What exactly are: Fine-gauge knits?

What exactly are: Fine-gauge knits?

In a nutshell

Fine-gauge knits are thin, lightweight jumpers and cardigans. 


The "gauge" technically refers to the number of stitches per inch: the higher the number, the more stitches, which means the wool used must be thinner—and the resulting fabric lighter. Made from fancy-sounding yarns like merino or cashmere, the knits are finer (aka thinner and softer) than regular wool or cotton. Cashmere wool, for example, comes from the necks of cashmere goats, whose fleece is finer and softer than sheeps' wool.

How to wear them well

"Fine-gauge knits are something we recommend time and again because they can be casual or smart, and they're the perfect in-between layer for iffy British weather," says Thread stylist Freddie Kemp. "They're thin, so they're flattering because they don't add bulk. Get one in a neutral like navy or grey and it'll work with a t-shirt, jeans and desert boots—but also with a suit and tie."