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Jeans and trousers

Q&A: Are almost-white trousers a style staple or best avoided?

Q&A: Are almost-white trousers a style staple or best avoided?

Before you start envisioning yacht-bound white parties and off-duty Kanye, here's what we mean by almost-white trousers: light grey or pale stone chinos that can be at least as versatile as your usual beige. 

(Some colour reference helps: by light grey we mean the colour of the chinos in the first photo below; the trousers in the photo above are pale stone; and traditional beige is probably the colour that comes to mind when you think of your dad's favourite chinos.)

"Traditional beige chinos are seen as a failsafe, but trousers in grey or pale stone can go with just as much—or even more," says Thread stylist Freddie Kemp. "Both grey and pale stone look good with both light and dark colours, whereas darker colours don't always look great with traditional beige chinos."

Below, Freddie shares three almost-white trouser options, and the reasons you might consider wearing each (with a thanks to Thread user Richard for the question!).

Best for wearing around town: Pale grey chinos

Photographed: Navy Whistles shirt (£85), GANT chinos (£125)Oliver Sweeney navy casual brogues (£229)

Why these work: “Pale grey is crisp and urban, and nods to upping your style: it's clear that you've decided to go with this colour rather than choosing the usual beige. You can wear these instead of jeans on a Saturday, and they'd also look great with a shirt at work."

Best for every day: Pale stone chinos

Photographed: Navy Whistles shirt (£85), Oliver Sweeney navy casual brogues (£229) 

Why these work: "These aren't overtly summery, so you could wear them year-round. Because they're a shade lighter than typical stone chinos, they go with more colours and they don't look like part of the typical rugby-club uniform; they're more grown up."

Best for summer parties: Paler stone chinos

Photographed: Navy Whistles shirt (£85), GANT pale chinos (£130), Oliver Sweeney navy casual brogues (£229)

Why these work: "Pale stone is better than white. White trousers are such a statement, while pale stone is a slight break from the norm that's also surprisingly versatile. You could wear these trousers to Wimbledon or a garden party, but you could also wear them walking around London. They'd look great with everything from a t-shirt to a navy blazer."