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Jeans and trousers

One small change: Try new trousers

One small change: Try new trousers

These two things are true:

  1. More than any other item of clothing (well, maybe neck and neck with shoes) trousers determine how smart an outfit appears. 
  2. There are three core types of casual trousers that may seem interchangeable, but can each provide a subtle update to your usual shirts and jumpers. 

Chances are you wear one pair of casual trousers over and over again—and chances are even higher that you joined Thread because you're game to mix things up, even if only slightly. So our own Kasia Katner explains how and why to try a new style. 

Chinos guy? Try indigo jeans

Photographed: Edwin indigo jeans (£140)

Your beloved chinos might make you feel smugly smart casual, but indigo jeans can be just as snappy—and slightly more interesting. One of the chief ways to look stylish is to wear smarter pieces with more casual clothes, and dark denim jeans are a safe place to start. Try them with whatever you usually wear on top, and turn the outfit smart or casual by changing your shoes: the shirt-and-jumper combo above, for example, would look great with anything from New Balances to minimal trainers to brogues

Jeans guy? Try five-pocket trousers

Photographed: Gant Black trousers (£95)

Five-pocket trousers are like a cross between jeans and chinos: the fabric is cotton or twill, but they're constructed like jeans. So if you have a hang-up about denim being just too casual to dress up—or if your tried-and-true pair of jeans could do with a break—these are a good shout. Because their construction is lighter than denim, they work particularly well in summer. Like indigo jeans, they go with a range of clothes from casual to smart casual.

Formal trousers guy? Try chinos

Photographed: MVP navy chinos (£30)

If you wear a suit or formal trousers to work and denim feels far too relaxed, you're probably already wearing chinos in the evenings or on the weekend—and it'll feel natural to pair them with shirts, jumpers and blazers. What you might want to try is wearing chinos as casually you'd wear jeans: with clothes like sweatshirts, hoodies, t-shirts and trainers. Again, you'll win style points by pairing your smarter trousers with more casual clothes—and chinos are so classic, you can feel confident experimenting.

Photographed: Edwin indigo jeans (£140), Gant black five-pocket trousers (£95), MVP navy chinos (£30)