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There are some colours that you can’t help but associate with certain seasons. Winter's all about grey and navy. In summer, you want it light and bright. And right now, when it can feel like winter in the morning but summer by lunch, pastels are the hue to reach for. More washed-out than brights, but less drab than neutrals, they're the easy way to transition from one season to the next. Which is why we recommend them this time every year. Here's how to pull them off. 

Stick to colours you know

This isn’t a total overhaul so it’s fine to keep to colours you’re comfortable with. If you wear a lot of blue then go for a baby blue or sky blue tone. The same goes with pink. If you know, and love, red, then chances are pale pink will suit you too. Treating pastels in this way will feel less like a huge departure from your usual style, but still add something fresh. 

Create balance

You can make your pastels feel tougher by using darker tones to ground them. Indigo denim will always look great with the softer pastel tones, as will a neutral work jacket – khaki or army green – worn over the top of a pale knit or t-shirt. The pairing works because the pastel stands out without becoming the whole focus.

A little hint

Another great way to bring in pastels is through small details, like socks. You can be more playful with smaller details because it has less of an impact.

Words: Nadia Balame-Price
Photography: Chris Howlett
Styling: Brooke Philips