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What goes with what

Three ways to wear one colour

Three ways to wear one colour

How many times have you looked in the mirror and wondered if an outfit was “too blue”, or whether you needed to break up your outfit with some other colour? Well, chances are, the problem wasn’t that you were wearing all one colour, but that you hadn’t used different shades of that colour or incorporated enough texture into the look.

“If you are wary of the monochrome trend, stick to neutrals,” says Thread stylist Luke McDonald. “All three of these looks are essentially neutrals, that’s why it works. If you tried to do this with pink or orange – Bhagwan-style – it’s going to be harder to pull off. It’ll look too forced, too showy, too dandyish maybe.”

Go Green

“Khakis, greens, olives, none of these colours are threatening on their own,” says Luke. “So it’s not a huge risk to give it a go. It’s also pretty flattering for almost every skin type. The key is to make sure there’s enough of a clear contrast so it’s not like wearing a military uniform or camping gear.”

It’s also worth noting that certain colours are, by their nature, quite informal. “Take green, for example,” says Luke. “It’s going to be much easier to pull that off as a casual look.”

All Grey

“If you have to go for formalwear, this is something a guy can master quite nicely,” says Luke. “Different gradations of grey work really well together.”

The key to wearing head-to-toe grey without resembling a Lowry painting is to contrast it with different textures. This gives your outfit more depth and stops you looking two-dimensional.

“Intention is really important in any styling move,” says Luke. “You don’t want to look like you fell out of bed in these clothes or that they were the only clean things you had in your wardrobe.”

True Blue

“The blue is nice, because almost everyone has plenty of navy in their wardrobe so cobalt or sky blue isn’t that much of a risk,” says Luke. “It takes navy from utilitarian to something quite thoughtful. And it suits most people.”

He adds: “Really make sure you’re breaking up the various pieces or it can look accidental and like you haven’t thought about it.”

Don’t forget that a relatively simple outfit can be made more sophisticated when every item is the same shade, so don't be afraid to opt for basics.

Words: Theresa Harold
Photography: Jon Cardwell
Styling: Luke McDonald and Toby Standing