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Is pink the most loaded colour on the planet? Possibly. Especially when prefaced with the lightning rod term ‘millennial’. It was a colour politicised at anti-Trump rallies in the form of knitted hats, and it’s the colour du jour of every pop-up hoping to lure an Instagrammer or two.

But how much pink is there in your wardrobe? And how colour-savvy are you with it?

Not all pinks are the same

There’s a world of difference between a vibrant, hot pink and a softer pastel shade. The latter is going to be more flattering for the majority of people.

The best way to determine if a certain shade suits you is to try it on. But short of that, remembering the rule of contrasts is helpful. If you’re pale, opt for a warmer pink. If you’re darker, then a pale shade or even a hot pink could look really impactful. The most important thing is ensuring that you’re not going to look washed out by the shade you pick.

Match your pink with other suitable colours

What does pink go with? Well, according to Gucci and just about every interior designer out there, pink plays nicely with green. It also works with blue, if you’re going for a preppy vibe. And of course, bright colours will always shine brightest when paired with neutrals such as cream, grey, camel, and navy.

Work shirt pink is not the same as streetwear pink

Your salmon-coloured dress shirt does not read the same as a pale pink sweatshirt or a fluffy pink trucker jacket. So don’t let your aesthetic or level of formality dictate whether you can pull off pink or not. The key is to find the right pink item for the occasion.

Get the dosage right

A full-on pink suit, or just a flash of pink socks? Similar to the above rule of finding the right pink garment, this rule is about not overdosing on the colour. As a rough guideline, limit yourself to one statement pink item per outfit. The only exception to this rule is if you’re wearing a pink two-piece suit (more power to you), or you’re bookending the look with a pink top and pink socks or shoes.

Words: Theresa Harold
Photography: Chris Howlett
Styling: Brooke Philips