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Can I pull off: Pink?

Can I pull off: Pink?

There was a time, say five or 10 years ago, when your average guy wouldn't have been caught dead wearing pink. (Anyone remember the indignant cries of "It's faded salmon!" from Ross on Friends?) But how times have changed. As silly, gendered colour rules have fallen away, pink has emerged as one of the most prominent hues in men's clothes from t-shirts to sweatshirts to trainers this spring. 

All of that said, there are still guys who are wary of wearing pink, whether a pale or deep shade. (Thanks, by the way, to Thread user Mohammed for this question.) While there's certainly nothing wrong with being a navy-and-grey kind of man, a touch of pink can make your entire wardrobe feel fresh—reinvigorating your same-old jeans and jumpers with one piece in a new-to-you colour.

No matter what you've heard about pink suiting certain skin tones, if you're layering you'll always be safe. "There's a common misconception that pink only suits darker skin tones, and indeed it does look great on guys with tanned or brown skin," says Thread stylist Luke McDonald. "But if you go for a pink tee or sweatshirt layered under a jacket, the colour won't be as eye-catching—or jarring against your skin. Pink looks great with navy, grey and black, and pale pink looks amazing with green."

So now that the weather's warming up, why not try it? Here, Luke gives his four-step plan to pulling off pink.

Photographed: Edwin pink t-shirt (£29), All Saints grey hoodie (£80)

Step 1. Wear only one piece. "As your granny always said, 'Everything in moderation.' Wear one piece, ideally on your top half to start: a shirt, t-shirt or sweatshirt. If you're dressing up, you could also try pink socks or a pocket square."

Step 2. Start with pale pink. "First of all, pale pink is literally everywhere this spring, so this colour's the easiest to find. Second, pastel pink isn't so far from your white or pale-blue tops, so it won't overwhelm your outfit."

Step 3. Stay solid. "You're already making a statement—don't overdo it by adding pattern into the mix, too. Pale pink ties in with our idea of minimalism, so keep things understated and streamlined with plain block colours."

Step 4. Wear it under neutral clothes. "Grey—whether charcoal or pale—makes pink look even more fresh and light. But a jacket in navy, black, stone, or khaki green would also look great."