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How to unstitch an irritating label

How to unstitch an irritating label

There is nothing you can do to stop a wool jumper itching. Sorry. Nor will anything prevent raw denim rubbing at your legs, apart from time. But a neck label that scratches the back of your neck? That fix takes seconds. The simplest option is the one that makes the most sense – remove the label. This three-step guide will solve the problem without you unravelling your favourite sweater.

The kit

Stitch un-picker (also called a seam ripper) and tweezers.


The technique

Step 1 – start to unstitch

Check how the label is sewn into the clothes. If there are multiple labels sewn in together, start with the top one. Now, using the long edge of the stitch un-picker, start pulling out the thread on the top stitches (it doesn’t matter where you start but it’s generally easier to start at one edge and work across). Continue until all the stitches have come free.

Step 2 – the other side

Turn the label over and rest it between your thumb and forefinger to expose the underneath stitching. Repeat the above process to remove those.

Step 3 – tidy it up

Check both sides of the label and seam to ensure you haven’t accidentally missed any. Once every stitch is loosened, pull away the label and clear any remaining threads with the tweezers. Now slip on your shirt and feel that soft collar against your neck.


Words: Nadia Balame-Price
Illustration: Eric Chow